Wolf’s Customs PARS510

Wolf’s Customs PARS510

Update: 2020-04-10


Chris Thunderwolf Dodson joins Bill for Episode 510 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show. They discuss his business Wolf's Customs. You can see an example of his holoflash finish on the guitar to the right.

Segment 1

He talks about his first time he did a holoflash design on a drum kit for Keith Hawkins formerly of the Loudini Rock & Roll Circus podcast. We learn that they do custom paint jobs as well. We did have a bit of trouble using the internet to do this podcast, so we went a bit old school and used an iRig, cell phone, and a mixer to record this episode.

Segment 2 with Wolf's Customs

If you had an hour to sit on a bench with anyone in the history of the world, and ask them anything, who would you sit with and what would you ask them?

(He is a Steelers fan!)

If I was flipping through my Social Studies book, and I found a page in it about Chris Thunderwolf Dodson, what would that section of the book be about?

If you could go back in time and follow any 1 band around for a full year, which band would you choose and why? We talk a bit about genres at this point...

If you were in the movie Almost Famous, what band do you wish you were doing your first article on?

If you could take an album that you love and forget about so that you can listen to again for the very first time, what album would you want to do that with?

Tell us about how we can find you online.

Has Lou sent his guitar to you yet?
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Wolf’s Customs PARS510

Wolf’s Customs PARS510

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