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Women STaRs with Amy Witzigreuter

Women STaRs with Amy Witzigreuter

Update: 2021-08-10


On this week’s episode of the Women STaRs Podcast, we have small business owner Amy Witzigreuter. Amy is a challenge-driven entrepreneur with a passion for optimal health and clean, purposeful living. She is the Founder and Owner of Witzi’s Raw Granola, a successful brand of organic, grain-free, gluten-free granola. She is also a committed supporter of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and a determined advocate for organ donation through LifeBanc.  

In our conversation, Amy shares the importance of mental breaks and learning to let go of needing to do it all. She is also a driven, disciplined, and committed athlete with accomplishments that include 13 marathons (including 4 prestigious Boston Marathons), multiple triathlons, and an Iron event; she knows a thing or two about not letting go. 

Join us to hear more on Amy’s life and the important lessons she’s learned, particularly those from her son, who pushes everyone to fully live in the present.

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“Success for me means doing something purposeful that’s serving others, that doesn’t feel like work; it’s being really satisfied with who I am and the path that my company is going.”

“I wish I would’ve appreciated sooner the power of stepping away and taking breaks. It’s everything—it’s not just the physical release, the break from ‘go, go, go,’ it’s the mental break, stepping away and getting silent to yourself. It changes your outlook.”

“I was a product of my environment and the culture—I was looking for the job, the salary, and the things. I would caution young women to look for the experiences; look closely at the culture of the organization you’re looking at and home in on the experiences you can gain from that. Be open to what you can learn.”

“It’s okay if you’re on some path, and you recognize that it’s not your calling, to switch gears. It’s important to notice that it’s not resonating and it’s not the right place, and to look around you and take action. You can be passive and miserable in your work environment, or you can take action and acquire the skills you might need.”









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Women STaRs with Amy Witzigreuter

Women STaRs with Amy Witzigreuter

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