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Women STaRs with Erin Toohey Naso

Women STaRs with Erin Toohey Naso

Update: 2021-10-19


This week we’re chatting with entrepreneur Erin Toohey-Naso. In April 2020, Erin developed The Hanger Valet –an outfit organizer that hangs over an outfit on a hanger and has zippered pockets for keeping accessories, jewelry, undergarments, socks and more. Before setting off to create her own business, she was a PR and marketing consultant for more than 15 years, working with small local businesses and large national brands. Through her consultant work, she self-funded the startup of The Hanger Valet and continues to counsel women-owned businesses on do-it-herself PR and marketing strategies.

Join us as we dive into Erin’s perspective on her struggles and triumphs, touching on everything from the six years it took her to fund her business, to the loss of her father in the past year. Valuing your time, setting boundaries, and making others feel seen are just some of the valuable pieces of wisdom that Erin imparts to us in this episode. Erin’s confidence and thoughtful advice bring something to this episode of Women STaRs that you won’t want to miss.

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“I don’t really like to make mistakes. I value my time and mistakes take time. But growth is in those mistakes, and you have to get comfortable making those mistakes and learning those lessons.”

 “I view life as balls in the air; some are glass, and some are rubber. Some of those balls are bound to fall at some point because that’s life. My family, my children, my mental health, my health—those are all glass balls and I want to drop those as little as possible.”

“Success is really just making someone be seen, heard, appreciated, valued, validated—all of the things. I just don’t think there’s enough of that and I think that’s what people are remembered for not, not the titles they had, the money they made, or the amount of followers they had.”

“I wish I would have trusted that it’s okay to go slow at times. It’s okay to take your time, to not have all the answers and worry about how everything’s going to work out, because it all will, in some shape or form.”









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Women STaRs with Erin Toohey Naso

Women STaRs with Erin Toohey Naso

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