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Women STaRs with Lucy Fanger

Women STaRs with Lucy Fanger

Update: 2021-09-21


On this week’s special anniversary episode of Women STaRs to celebrate one year as a podcast, we’re sitting down with Lucy Fanger, Founder & CEO of On Technology Partners. Lucy began the Women STaRs Podcast as a project of her company and has been an integral part of its success. She started her career as a registered nurse at the Cleveland Clinic but started On Technology Partners in 1994 to better help people as she desired. Further representing her compassion and desire to uplift other women, Lucy also serves on the board of WIN (Women In Networking) and she co-runs CREW (Cleveland Roundtable of Entrepreneurial Women).

In our talk with her, Lucy describes her empowering vision for the Women STaRs Podcast, why she began it, and how she hopes it has impacted and connected all of the women it has reached. In a year of great advice, hearty laughs, and moving stories, Lucy, our very founder, makes the perfect addition to our group of STaRs to celebrate our one-year anniversary. 

Join us on her episode to hear more on her involvement with the podcast as well as her own struggles and triumphs as a successful businesswoman; from unexpected health issues to learning to ask for help, Lucy’s episode is full of great moments.

If you’d like to get in contact with Lucy, you can reach out to her by email at or by phone at (216) 920-3100.

Thank you to our sponsor, On Technology Partners for their support, guidance, and ongoing encouragement.


“Giving of ourselves was always a big piece of how women seemed to help women. And so, this podcast, it allows women to be more vulnerable themselves and give that over to other women, helping them to realize there’s someone out there similar to me. It helps other women feel they’re not alone: 'They succeeded, so I can do the same thing.’”

“That was the premises for putting Women STaRs out there: we are stars, and we can shine even through the struggles. It just proves how strong we are as women.”

“For the women on Women STaRs, our definition of success is not the money sitting in our bank. It’s our life and the people we’re enjoying it with.”

“Reach out to people to help you; you don’t have to do everything by yourself. Reach out to the experts, reach out to your friends and family. There are people THERE to help you and people who WANT to help you. I know myself and a lot of women feel like they have to be superwoman and show we’re strong—sometimes we’re stronger when we ask for help.”









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Women STaRs with Lucy Fanger

Women STaRs with Lucy Fanger

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