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Women STaRs with Natasha Pearl Hansen

Women STaRs with Natasha Pearl Hansen

Update: 2021-11-16


On this episode of The Women STaRs Podcast, we had the wonderful opportunity to speak with comedian Natasha Pearl Hansen. Natasha began her career in 2006 and is now a successful performer with her own comedy special, "I Was Supposed To Get Married Today...", as well as headlining shows across the country. With humor focused on her own struggles, her family, and her relationships, Natasha’s witty humor and talent shine through in our conversation with her.

Beyond her work as a comedian, Natasha is also a podcaster and business owner. She runs the podcast Future Role Model, a platform where guests from all backgrounds share how their experiences and "failures" helped shape them into being the influencers they are today. In addition to her comedy and her podcast, Natasha is the founder of My Break-Up Registry – a community-driven platform that allows people to crowdfund their break-up or divorce.

Join us on this episode as Natasha gets into everything from finding new ways to empathize with those around you, the challenges you face as a woman in comedy, being your own best advocate and more! You won’t want to miss her stories about building her own start-up, passing out flyers to strangers in Germany, and her wisdom and advice as we enter a post-pandemic world.

If you’d like to get in contact with Natasha, find her as @NPHcomedy on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or visit her website, You can also check out My Breakup Registry, her comedy special, "I Was Supposed To Get Married Today...", on Amazon Prime, and her podcast, Future Role Model.

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“Balance is an ongoing obstacle for all of us, especially coming out of a time where the world was so quiet.”

“I wanted to re-enter life after the pandemic building something real instead of something that makes me look busy. Taking that pressure off of yourself, you start to understand success in a different way.”

“Ask questions. Figure out what your environment is, figure out your value in that environment, know your worth. Ask for the things you want. If you fake it until you make it too hard, no one knows what you desire.”

“You can’t have any shame in your game…It’s not a negative thing to be your biggest advocate.”









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Women STaRs with Natasha Pearl Hansen

Women STaRs with Natasha Pearl Hansen

Shanti Harkness / Natasha Pearl Hansen