Working Too Many Hours

Working Too Many Hours

Update: 2020-07-272


As we've talked about before, work/life balance will never be perfect.

AND there is a point where too much is too much.

We are not robots and can't be expected to go 100 MPH 24/7.

Two situations/reasons where we are working too many hours:

  • Expectations we put on ourselves

  • Expectations others set on us

Tips for when we set expectations for ourselves:

  1. Set boundaries

  2. Utilize timers

  3. Set a schedule and stick to it 80-90% of the time

  4. Dig down deep and establish / determine why you feel the need / pressure to put on yourself

  5. Schedule time away

  6. Make a self care list

  7. Make a local wish list

  8. Research and understand achievement vs. perfectionism vs. compulsion vs. obsessed

  9. Establish your why

  10. Accept and embrace and encourage your failures

  11. Prioritize ALL the things

  12. Exercise / movement

  13. Meditation / spiritual / religious practice

Tips for when others set expectations for us:

  1. Try to figure out if they put expectations on themselves that you are picking up

  2. Set boundaries

  3. Talk to your leader

  4. Can you add resources to the team

  5. Balance with exercise, movement, eating well, fun, self care, etc.

  6. Talk to HR or upper management if your leader can't help

  7. Evaluate if you're in the right place

  8. Put yourself first

Burn out isn't fun, feeling exhausted isn't fun.

Fuzzy brain is hard.

You need to take care of yourself. You deserve it!!

Signs you're working too much:

  1. Skipping meals / eating really bad

  2. No time with friends

  3. Not enough time with your partner and family

  4. Pets being neglected

  5. Missing key events

  6. Brain is fuzzy all the time

  7. Feel drained all the time

  8. Surviving on coffee / energy drinks

  9. Skipping exercise

  10. Not doing the fun things you're passionate about

  11. Feeling depressed or doubtful of your abilities

  12. Complete overwhelm

  13. Feeling like you're failing at everything


Tips for finding better work life balance - 6/27/2019

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Working Too Many Hours

Working Too Many Hours

Stephanie Dennis