Workouts and Masks

Workouts and Masks

Update: 2020-07-28


In episode 63 of the Fit Strong Women Over 50 podcast, Jill and Chris discuss workout challenges while away from home care-giving. We found some ways to get some strength training without traditional weights

Some of the activities that we are that are also work outs. (One of our community members has been enjoying wind surfing, which is a huge workout, but probably more rare among our listeners) We have been hiking, walking and biking.

We discuss:

Staying fit and strong mentally with the added weight of corona restrictions. Keeping positive and how it is similar to marathon training. 

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We also discussed food and what tastes especially great during hot, hot weather.

Jill has run with a special mask with a filter for pollen and asthma

We recently have tried some new Becoming Elli masks.  Comfortable, pretty, have place for a filter, but expensive. No wire for your nose bridge. Visit the website for a link of where to buy.

Chris has been loving cottage cheese with frozen berries on top during this hot weather. 

She roasted cabbage and added it to my traditional potluck veggie salad, but the vinegar didn’t taste rightwith the roasted part... she will be sticking to raw shredded cabbage in this salad from now on. 

Jill is really enjoying the big salads with a cheese, a nut and a fruit.

Jill has a new puppy! Welcome Penny!









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Workouts and Masks

Workouts and Masks

Becoming Elli - Jill McCauslin and Chris Brown