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World Chamber of Commerce and Veterans Inn and Resource Program on Georgia Podcast

World Chamber of Commerce and Veterans Inn and Resource Program on Georgia Podcast

Update: 2019-05-21


World Chamber of Commerce and Veterans Inn and Resource Program on Georgia Podcast

Solange Warner
World Chamber of Commerce

Solange Warner is the World Chamber of Commerce’s Founder, the first President and Co-Chair. Additional WCC Co-Chairmen are U.S. Ambassador, Charles Shapiro and Consul General of France, Denis Barbet. She founded the organization in February of 2008. The World Chamber of Commerce (WCC) is an independent, non-profit, educational, and networking worldwide organization. The purpose of the WCC is to promote commercial, cultural/educational, and humanitarian relations globally, and facilitate trade and investment worldwide. The World Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement is to promote/teach international trade, and foster cultural and humanitarian exchange to develop economic opportunity worldwide.

Topics to Discuss:
WCC Event

The World Chamber of Commerce (WCC) Is creating awareness regarding human trafficking by organizing events with the business community. The WCC Business and Humanitarian Summit will promote humanitarian initiatives , where experts will teach how to become vigilant in our cities and communities. Experts such as Jan Lennon, Director of Security for The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport will make a presentation on how to become vigilant regarding human trafficking at the airport. Officer Joanne Southerland, from Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services will discuss many cases and how to protect our children. Furthermore, Jeff Shaw, Director for Out of Darkness, an organization rescuing victims of human trafficking, will provide an overview of their commendable work.

Additionally, the WCC will donate event's proceeds to Gigi's House, organization dedicated to sheltering "Human Trafficking Children Victims". In addition, the WCC is co-producing a documentary regarding human trafficking awareness, which will include scenes from this WCC Event.

Furthermore, the WCC will be presenting the prestigious WCC Global Hero Award to U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, Alex Kendrick, Film Producer, Director and Actor. He and Stephen Kendrick produced "Overcomer", a new film premiering on August 23rd, 2019. Alex Kendrick said... "It is such an honor to receive this award from an organization doing so much good for our culture. The WCC is literally changing lives and strengthening our cities and communities with their efforts. I am grateful to be working alongside you in the film world as we tell stories of redemption and hope." (Trailer).

Additional WCC Global Hero Honorees are: Senator Donzella James; Senator Frank Ginn; Rep. Pedro Marin; Ozzie Areu, Chairman Areu Bros. Studios. Ozzie Areu said: I am honored to accept this award and at the same time humbled to be considered by an organization such as the World Chamber of Commerce for this very special recognition. I fully support their work helping businesses grow all over the world, as well as their social initiatives to end human trafficking. And additional WCC Award recipient is Sabrina Crawford, Founder of Gigi's House, a shelter for human trafficking victims. These WCC Awards of Excellence will be bestowed upon them for their visionary work and accomplishments.

The WCC Awards will be presented during the World Chamber of Commerce Business and Humanitarian Summit, on May 30th, 2019 at 2:00 p.m., at Georgia State Capitol. This will be a truly multicultural event where international/local business leaders and government representatives from many countries will join the WCC, recognizing the awardees and their exemplary work.
One of the World Chamber of Commerce goals is to promote business and stimulate economic development with these events. This WCC event will provide an opportunity to generate global business awareness and networking with business and government leaders.

The World Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Solange Warner said:, "The World Chamber of Commerce is honored to present the WCC Global Hero Awards to Alex Kendrick, Senator James, Senator Ginn, Ozzie Areu, and Sabrina Crawford, for their visionary work which benefits our society. This is a monumental time for leaders and other members of the community to work jointly to eradicate human trafficking, and therefore allowing growth and economic development to occur."

The World Chamber of Commerce mission is to promote global business and foster cultural and humanitarian exchange for the purpose of enhancing economic development. The WCC actively works towards this purpose by developing initiatives such as the International Trade Process (WCC ITP), WCC International Trade Seminar Summits, International Trade Heroes Award and Symposium, "Human Trafficking Awareness to Keep Our Children Safe" Campaign, Environmental campaigns, Global Matters TV Show, WCC Trade Missions, among others.

Register to the WCC Event: World Chamber of Commerce Events
For further information regarding the award recipients and the World Chamber of Commerce Global Hero Awards, please contact: or 1.800.590.9227. For further information regarding the World Chamber of Commerce, please visit the WCC website at:

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Gary Pernice
Veterans' Inn & Resource Center, Inc.

On-Air Guest BIO:
Gary Pernice is Executive Manager of Commercial and Nonprofit Organization Funding for Platinum Business Group, Ltd. Gary received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Oral Roberts University of Tulsa, Oklahoma where he graduated Dean’s List and magna cum laude, and his Doctorate Degree with honors from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

Gary is a public speaker addressing business and church organizations on a variety of topics from business and planning to finance and capital needs. Gary also gives a riveting testimony on how he survived cancer with extreme odds. Gary has appeared on numerous local, state, regional and national television and radio programs, published a number of articles on mortgage finance, and his testimony of his climb back from catastrophic illness and personal failures in business and family.

Gary has three decades of business, mortgage funding, legal, and real estate experience. Having participated in over 200 real estate closings and hundreds of commercial and residential mortgage transactions, Gary brings a wide range of skills and personal relationships to Platinum.

Gary served as National Counsel to the National Charity Awards, a nonprofit organization with close affiliations with the White House in Washington, DC. As national counsel from 1989 to 1993, Gary had the duty and privilege of meeting with political leaders, former and current US Presidents, US Senators, Congressmen, and US Supreme Court Judges. His duties included working with Governors and state officials across the country, as well as a host of Hollywood’s elite, sport figures, and other notables bringing awareness to the nation’s charities.

Gary currently serves as advisor and senior legal research director to two general practice and litigation firms in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area.

Gary was Chairman of the CBMC Atlanta Metro Area Leadership Team from March 2010 to March 2014, representing the Christian Business Men’s Connection (CBMC) to businessmen and women of Georgia, and co-founder of the Greater Atlanta Business Network (GABN) and its predecessor, an outreach of The CBMC that features business leaders presenting inspirational testimonies of their spiritual walk with Jesus Christ and the impact of their faith in business.

Gary and his wife have been married since 1985 and are members of Roswell Street Baptist Church in Marietta, Georgia.

Topics to Discuss:
Serving "At Risk" Veterans
Veterans Inn and Resource Program

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World Chamber of Commerce and Veterans Inn and Resource Program on Georgia Podcast

World Chamber of Commerce and Veterans Inn and Resource Program on Georgia Podcast

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