World-famous Arecibo Dish Seriously Damaged

World-famous Arecibo Dish Seriously Damaged

Update: 2020-08-281


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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 88

*The world-famous Arecibo dish seriously damaged

The National Science Foundation has been forced to suspend astronomical observations from its iconic Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico after its 305-metre dish was seriously damaged following a cable break.

*SOHO discovers 4000th comet

Citizen scientists looking through data from NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory spacecraft -- SOHO – have discovered their four thousandth comet.

*SpaceX’s Starlink constellation reaches 655 satellites

SpaceX has completed its eleventh Starlink launch with another 58 of the broadband internet satellites placed into orbit.

*The Science Report

Warnings that the COVID-19 coronavirus could be as deadly as the 1918 flu pandemic.

Twenty-two Australian native freshwater fish are likely to become extinct within the next twenty years.

New algorithms that can distinguish between troll messages and those tweeted by public figures.

New study shows stopping for a coffee on that morning ride may help your cycling performance.

Skeptics guide to winning a quarter of a million dollars


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World-famous Arecibo Dish Seriously Damaged

World-famous Arecibo Dish Seriously Damaged