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Worry, Anxiety & Comfort Eating

Worry, Anxiety & Comfort Eating

Update: 2021-04-30


We all worry, especially now. Some worry is necessary for addressing what matters to us. Like anger, worry helps us to avert danger or discomfort. But, like anger, we aren't usually taught how to cope with worry.  So, worry can be another major reason why you might overeat or binge-eat.

The overeater's main worry is often about how you look. Learn to replace fear and avoidance with curiosity and compassion. 

This podcast begins with a Q & A section (questions provided by you). Then, I’ll share with you:

  1. What anxiety or worry is.
  2. Ten different ways to deal with worry or anxiety.

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Citations & Further resources:
Therapycat 30-second video on coping with anxiety or nighttime worry.
Therapycat video on feeling nervous about coming out of lockdown.
Therapycat video on worries about what others think of you.

Some ideas here were inspired by a Nicabm training on working with anxiety. You can buy your full training programme here

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Worry, Anxiety & Comfort Eating

Worry, Anxiety & Comfort Eating

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