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Writer Katie Dippold: The Set Up (S2E13)

Writer Katie Dippold: The Set Up (S2E13)

Update: 2022-01-18


Another guest joins us in Pawnee! Today writer Katie Dippold (Haunted Mansion, The Heat) breaks down one of her favorite episodes she's written. In "The Set Up" Ann sets Leslie up on a blind date, and the date does not go as Leslie had hoped. On today's pod find out the writer's room obsession with the 2002 film Swimfan, see the origin of Leslie's Biden crush, and hear everybody's idea of what they want "the club" to be. Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


When Leslie learns Pawnee is being sued by the previous owners of Lot 48, Ann calls upon her lawyer friend Justin Anderson (Justin Theroux), whom she’s known since high school and seems to still have feelings for. Justin helps Leslie resolve the issue, and the two hit it off immediately. Having recently broken up with her boyfriend, Leslie asks Ann to set her up on a date, but is surprised when Ann hesitates to set her up with Justin. Instead, she arranges a date with Chris (Will Arnett) an MRI technologist Ann works with. The date goes terribly, with Chris appearing annoyed upon learning Leslie attended a rival college, and that she was a director of regular parks, not amusement parks.

When Leslie says she has never had an MRI, Chris takes her to the hospital to perform one on her. Chris comes off super creepy, remarking that Leslie has an excellent uterus and asking whether she is having her period, presumably in anticipation of sex later. 


Meanwhile, Mark grows suspicious that Ann harbors romantic feelings for Justin. He eventually confronts Ann and accuses her of putting Justin on hold for a possible relationship in the future. Ann admits she has distantly thought of her and Justin ending up together, prompting Mark to walk out on their date and spoil the ending of Marley & Me. Mark asks Andy if Ann seemed to have feelings for Justin when they were together.  Andy confirms that she did and then immediately confronts Ann about it in another endless attempt to win favor with her and get back together. Realizing her behavior was inappropriate, Ann sets Leslie up on a date with Justin.


In a B storyline, Ron deals with complaints from local residents due to a new town policy requiring public officials to deal more directly with the public. Ron calls the policy "my hell", and seeks a new assistant to protect him from the citizens.Tom volunteers to find Ron an assistant, but really uses the opportunity to find an assistant for himself.


After multiple interviews, Tom brings forward a fast-talking candidate named Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz), whose personality closely resembles Tom's. Ron hates him right away and in the end hires April, who’s internship is coming to an end, as his assistant. 

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Writer Katie Dippold: The Set Up (S2E13)

Writer Katie Dippold: The Set Up (S2E13)

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