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Update: 2021-04-07


He is  a comedian, born in Bosnia, came as a refugee to Sweden during the '90s. He grew up trying to juggle my identity as a Bosnian Muslim in a secular Swedish society. He grew up in something that would be considered a "ghetto"" to Swedish standards along with kids whose parents came from the Middle East, Latin America and the Balkans. He had to juggle growing up with cultural norms and expectations of two cultures, the Bosnian culture of his parents and the culture of Sweden. He is 29 and he started doing stand up when he was 23. His favorite comedians growing up were Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock, along with some Swedish comedians he grew up watching on TV. He prefers British and American comedy .  For the past 2-3 years he started to perform more frequently and he has had the opportunity to do some open mic gigs in Austria and Portugal.

One time when he was 17 he was walking home from a friend's place. He lived pretty far away from his apartment. It was during wintertime, and it gets extremely dark and cold in Switzerland during that time. Well, at least then it used to, due to global warming it isn't as cold. Due to the cold weather at the time he had covered his face with a shemagh (it's that red and white scarf that you usually see Palestinians wearing) and a purple cap on his head. This was during his hardcore hip hop phase, so he was wearing some Ecko Unlimited baggy jeans and a Ecko Unlimited tracksuit if he remembers it correctly. He decided to go for a stroll before taking the bus home. After around 10 minutes of walking, a police car pulls up next to him. Two police officers come out of the car; one of them being a tall blonde Swedish guy and the other one a short black guy. They asked him for his ID, and he gave it to them. They both checked his ears and eyes with a flashlight. They proceeded with checking his pockets, shoes and his hat. They asked him why he was covering his face and he said "because it's cold.". One of the officers typed his social security number into the police computer they had in their car and found nothing on him. Before they let him go, he asked them "Why did you stop me? Is it because of my Yugoslav origins?" The black police officer chuckled and replied "What? No. You looked like someone we were looking for. Plus, I'm a N-word, I can't be racist!".

Facebook: Kerim Hrustanovic Instagram: kerimhrustanovic Tik Tok: kerimthebosnian


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Wu-Tang Clan Logo FT Kerim Hrustanović

Wu-Tang Clan Logo FT Kerim Hrustanović

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