DiscoverYoung and Profiting with Hala Taha#YAPClassic: Boost Your EQ with Justin Bariso
#YAPClassic: Boost Your EQ with Justin Bariso

#YAPClassic: Boost Your EQ with Justin Bariso

Update: 2021-12-242


On this YAPClassic we are revisiting episode #40: Boost Your EQ with Justin Bariso! 

Are you ready to take your EQ to the next level? 

Justin Bariso is an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) expert, author, and speaker. Justin’s column draws over a million readers a month on, and LinkedIn has named him a “Top Voice” on the platform. When this episode aired, Justin released his book, “EP Applied: The Real World Guide to Emotional Intelligence” which shares practical ways to increase EQ to improve relationships and careers. In this episode, Hala and Justin discuss why EQ is action-oriented, how our brain’s emotional programming makes self-control so difficult, and why negative feedback is truly a blessing!

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#YAPClassic: Boost Your EQ with Justin Bariso

#YAPClassic: Boost Your EQ with Justin Bariso

Hala Taha