DiscoverYoung and Profiting with Hala TahaYAPClassic: Jason Feifer on Embracing Change
YAPClassic: Jason Feifer on Embracing Change

YAPClassic: Jason Feifer on Embracing Change

Update: 2022-08-241


Did you know that people were once afraid of things like bicycles, elevators and teddy bears?

Humans are naturally resistant to change, even change that helps us. We are scared new technologies, new ideas, and new ways of living. The people who embrace change are the ones who succeed most in life. 

Today we’re talking to Jason Feifer, Editor in chief of Entrepreuer Magazine. Jason is recognized as an authority on change— providing thought leadership on why people resist it, and the importance of embracing it.

On this episode of #YAPClassic, learn how Jason rose to the top of his field as a journalist and developed his personal brand. We’ll also dive deep into change and how entrepreneurs can both better embrace change and help their customers more easily accept and adapt to new technologies. 

Topics Include:

-Jason’s background in media 

-Why did Jason quit his job at Gardner News? 

-Why does Jason have so many side hustles?

-Taking opportunities that aren’t assigned to you 

-How to ‘work your next job’

-Skill stacking 

-Being aware of what you need to learn 

-The importance of challenging yourself 

-What makes a thought leader?

-The power of embracing change 

-How have people historically feared change?

-Why do people fear new technology? 

-How to showcase new & innovative ideas 

-What new technology are people resisting?

-Replacement vs. integration of new technology 

-How do we falsely romanticize the past to resist change? 

Jason Feifer is the Editor in chief of Entrepreneur Magazine who has led an amazing career as a journalist, working at publications such as Fast Company, Men’s Health, and Maxim Magazine. He hosts two podcasts: Build For Tomorrow and Problem Solver. 

Earlier this year, he released a book called Build For Tomorrow that outlines how humanity has rejected and embraced change over time. His goal is to help you become more resilient and adaptable in a world of constant change — so you can seize new opportunities before anyone else does!

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YAPClassic: Jason Feifer on Embracing Change

YAPClassic: Jason Feifer on Embracing Change

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