DiscoverYoung and Profiting with Hala TahaYAPClassic: JeVon McCormick on Rising Against All Odds
YAPClassic: JeVon McCormick on Rising Against All Odds

YAPClassic: JeVon McCormick on Rising Against All Odds

Update: 2022-08-121


If you look at JeVon McCormick today you’ll see an incredibly successful businessman and best-selling author. But JeVon’s journey to the top was anything but easy. JeVon was raised in the slums of Dayton, Ohio by a struggling single mother, and is the son of a pimp and drug-dealing father.

Growing up, JeVon served time in the juvenile justice system and barely graduated high school. From his first job scrubbing toilets in a restaurant to becoming the CEO of Scribe Media, a multimillion-dollar book publishing startup that is consistently ranked one of the top places to work, JeVon has exemplified what it means to work hard and overcome the odds. He believes that no obstacle is too difficult to conquer and that no matter someone’s background, everyone has potential for greatness.

In this episode, Hala and JeVon go deep into what Jevon learned from his tough childhood and how he applied those teachings to his career, they chat about how Jevon climbed the corporate ladder, how to overcome imposter syndrome, and JeVon shares his views on leadership and how to foster great company culture.  

Topics Included:

- What JeVon’s father was like

- How JeVon’s parents met 

- What it was like growing up poor 

- Being mixed race in Dayton Ohio 

- Lessons from his father 

- Relationship with mother and lessons learned 

- Getting into trouble and transferring hustling qualities into the corporate world 

- What has he taken from his childhood into corporate America?

- His turning point and first job

- How he climbed the corporate ladder 

- How he got handpicked to be CEO of Scribe Media

- Overcoming imposter syndrome 

- If the market crashed tomorrow, what would JeVon do?

- The three S’s of success  

- The three P’s of business 

- How to foster good company culture and retain talent 

- How to have a great start to your day 

- Giving back 

- And other topics…

JeVon McCormick is the President and CEO of Scribe Media, the multi-million dollar publishing company that was recently ranked the #1 Top Company Culture in America by Entrepreneur Magazine. Before Scribe Media, JeVon was president of the software company, Headspring Systems. He’s the author of I Got There, and his most recent book, Modern Leader is a Wall Street Journal best seller. 

JeVon and his story have been featured on CNBC, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., and others.

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YAPClassic: JeVon McCormick on Rising Against All Odds

YAPClassic: JeVon McCormick on Rising Against All Odds

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