DiscoverThriving Special FamiliesYOU Matter: Care for Caregivers (Part 2)
YOU Matter: Care for Caregivers (Part 2)

YOU Matter: Care for Caregivers (Part 2)

Update: 2021-04-14


Caregivers need to prioritize themselves in order to better support their loved ones. Learn more from our guest Tim James, coach, speaker, author, and raw food chef. Tim sheds light on powerful tips, such as cleaning our air and bodies from toxins to promote better health for special needs caregivers. You won't want to miss this fun and inspiring episode.

Tim James
The Health Hero (​)
Chemical Free Body (​)
After experiencing multiple health issues and the loss of family members and friends, Tim began his journey back to health. Later, after feeling charged with the duty to help others, he started sharing his knowledge with anyone who would listen. This also led Tim to produce his own chemical free food products. Tim's story will have you laughing, crying and gasping but most importantly he will give you the recipe to a longer, happier and
healthier life.

Crystal Sanford
Crystal Sanford, M.Ed.. M.A. CCC-SLP is the owner and director of Sanford Autism Consulting (​), a consulting practice offering IEP advocacy and parent empowerment classes for fellow special needs families throughout the U.S.  Crystal specializes in supporting fellow families impacted by Autism, as well as other unique challenges such as learning disabilities and ADHD. To learn more about assistance in advocating for the special education your child deserves, contact Crystal at

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YOU Matter: Care for Caregivers (Part 2)

YOU Matter: Care for Caregivers (Part 2)

Crystal Sanford, M.Ed., M.A. CCC-SLP & Tim James