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Yo Mama’s a Liar

Yo Mama’s a Liar

Update: 2019-03-18


In today’s episode we walk you through what ya might or might not want to do when writing an printing “Ding Dong the Witch” is gone in the local paper when your Mama passes. Listen in to hear the hilarious take on best obit practices!
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If you are a fan of true crime, the paranormal or comedy podcasts then you will love this independent dad and daughter hilarious combo! Mr. Danny, a feisty 65 year old cemetery industry veteran, sips on whiskey while telling his true tales of the death care industry in his raspy Southern drawl. Some of our super fans love hit shows like My Favorite Murder, Serial, Dr. Death, Up and Vanished, My Dad Wrote a Porno and Stuff They Don't Want You to if these are on your playlist be sure to add Caskets & Cocktails! Hit subscribe on your favorite platform today because we will be last ones to let you down!
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Yo Mama’s a Liar

Yo Mama’s a Liar