DiscoverThe Reality Revolution PodcastYou Are A Field (The Secret To The New Earth)
You Are A Field  (The Secret To The New Earth)

You Are A Field (The Secret To The New Earth)

Update: 2021-11-091


You are not a solid. You are a vibration. You are an energy field that has connections to absolutely all other energy fields in the universe. You are connected to them through a series of orders of magnitude and reality – Q’uo -2002



Research from Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunn of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory suggest that the realm of the mind where thoughts are born behaves much like the quantum realm of waves and particles



When electricity moves along a wire it creates a field so too when a thought moves in mind it creates a field. When that field interacts with another field a particle emerges and ideas take form



David Bohm  - ultimately the entire universe with all its particles  is a single undivided whole



Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell  - the rules of quantum theory apply to all matter by extension there is a resonance that lets us judge nature as wavelike, field like and mind like



John Wheeler a well known physicist from Princeton – May the universe in some strange way be brought into being by the participation of those who participate the vital act of participation in the quantum field




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This information is mindblowing.


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You Are A Field  (The Secret To The New Earth)

You Are A Field (The Secret To The New Earth)

Brian Scott