DiscoverMasters of the Matrix - with Greg EmYou Need to Feel it in Order to Heal it
You Need to Feel it in Order to Heal it

You Need to Feel it in Order to Heal it

Update: 2022-02-27


Hello Masters.
It is an incredibly important time for us to focus on our internal selves and the healing we require to move upward into the New World. By the program of society we have been led to believe that feeling emotions are weakness, and that we are all victims in this play of life.  That everything is random and out of our control. How opposite it truly is. 
So most of us tend to avoid pain through the use of stimulants like drugs and alcohol, or by other means such as food, sex and relationships or even video games. Thus, the healing has not taken place. We are still holding on to these traumatic and negative emotions of our past in our energy field. After a period of time, depending on the depth of the trauma and other factors, it will eventually manifest into our reality through circumstances and our physical bodies as well. Then we will go and visit the doctors office and they will prescribe drugs for us in order to deal with the symptoms. This is not a holistic approach and this is where our modern medicine fails us. 
Our thoughts and emotions are directly tied to our overall health. Through proper understanding and Knowing of our Higher Selves we can actually alter our DNA in order to heal things that once plagued us. We must first though, face the heavy emotions of our past that are holding us back in order to fully heal and let go of what needs letting go.
This is our discussion today.

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You Need to Feel it in Order to Heal it

You Need to Feel it in Order to Heal it