DiscoverAllyship is a VerbYou go, Indiegogo!
You go, Indiegogo!

You go, Indiegogo!

Update: 2023-07-25


You go, Indiegogo! Season three is around the corner, and we have a quick announcement... we've launched an Indiegogo campaign with some sweet perks! At the time of writing this, we're also an Indiegogo Team Favorite :) :) :)

Host Chris Angel ("Well, hello there!") needs your help to make this the best season yet. By contributing, you're helping to fund season three production costs. We'd also like to publish allyship e-books, have traveling audio exhibits, and so much more. You'll find yourself saying, "I've never known a podcast to have a [top secret idea] before!" I know, right?!

As an indie-produced podcast, we truly can't do this without you <3

We'd also love to offer a heartfelt OHMYGOSHTHANKYOUSOMUCH to those who have supported us over the years!!! Thanks to your contributions, we hired an illustrator this season to give us an incredible new podcast cover, which is already on some merch (with another design on the way soon). Big shoutout to nonbinary designer Kit Ballum Cohen!

Anything, even $5, helps us get closer to our goal of $5,000 to make these wild ideas a reality. Thanks for your support!

PS - If someone you know works for a company or organization that values diversity and inclusion, please consider forwarding the campaign to them. They may be interested in becoming a sponsor or hiring Chris Angel for a deeply discounted training session on allyship!

See you VERY SOON on August 1st for the start of season three :)


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You go, Indiegogo!

You go, Indiegogo!

Charlie Ocean, MSW (they/them)