DiscoverThe Rewind Movie PodcastYoung Guns II : Blaze of Glory (1990) - Episode 69
Young Guns II : Blaze of Glory (1990) - Episode 69

Young Guns II : Blaze of Glory (1990) - Episode 69

Update: 2021-09-02


I'll make ya famous! We're saddling up, skinning out, and cocking back the hammer on another in our Pulling Focus series, where one of our ragtag gang extols the virtues of a favourite they feel deserves a little more love. This time, Matt has brought us Rewind royalty, Geoff Murphy's so-called "MTV western" sequel from 1990, Young Guns II: Blaze of Glory.

A prosthetic-clad Emilio Estevez returns as Billy the Kid, now an elderly gent by the name of "Brushy Bill" Roberts, in 1950s New Mexico. He reveals his true identity to an incredulous attorney and spins his tale, as we travel back to the turn of the 1880s and the aftermath of the Lincoln County War of the first film. Returning costars Kiefer Sutherland and Lou Diamond Phillips, Billy's fellow regulators, have been scattered, as loyalties fracture and the law comes looking. The Kid and estranged gang member and “pal” Pat Garrett (William Peterson) soon find themselves on opposite sides of the badge, giving us a new spin on their fabled confrontation.

Matt is joined by Gali as he makes his case for this slick follow-up to be given a reappraisal. Expect power ballads, snappy dialogue, fluffy hair, and six-guns aplenty as we root and toot back to the turn of the nineties in a blaze of glory.

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Young Guns II : Blaze of Glory (1990) - Episode 69

Young Guns II : Blaze of Glory (1990) - Episode 69