DiscoverA New DirectionYour Brain and Humanizing the Remote Work Experience
Your Brain and Humanizing the Remote Work Experience

Your Brain and Humanizing the Remote Work Experience

Update: 2023-01-18


Dr. Diane Lennard - Humanizing the Remote WorkplaceYour brain and you are not in Sync when it comes to the Remote work space.

Since the beginning of the pandemic we are doing far more remote meetings. In fact our workplace is some hybrid of digital. It’s a paradox really because even though we are more connected in these digitally  environments e.g. ZOOM, the fact is we are more disconnected than ever.  The fact is you and your brain are not connecting the dots.  You may think your fine working remotely, but your brain is actually is telling your body something completely different.  We are made for connection with other people.  Face to face conversations trigger happy chemicals in our brain, like oxytocin and dopamine.  

But in the remote environment that does not happen.  What is more in these digital environments our brain must work harder.   Here is the conundrum, our brain needs appropriate stimuli to make sense of our environment. In remote meetings we lack so much of the stimuli that helps us get clarity on our environment. On this episode of A New Direction NYU Professor of Management Communication Dr. Diane Lennard helps us understand what is really going on with our brain in these environments, and why we our brain struggles in remote environments.  She then  offers several practical and well researched suggestions how you can improve your physical, mental, emotional, relational, occupational and spiritual well being for yourself and your remote meetings.  Listen for some of these remote killers: Exhaustion, Detachment, and Feeling less productive and efficient. Let’s be honest the remote world is here to stay. This show will help you better navigate the remote work place. Humanizing the Remote Experience through Leadership and Coaching: 9780367772574: Lennard, Diane, Mednick, Amy: BooksDr. Diane Lennard and Dr. Amy Mednick book “Humanizing the Remote Experience through Leadership and Coaching: Strategies for Better Virtual Connections” is one of the most scientifically well researched books on the topic of how our brain and body respond in remote environments.  What our brain and body go through that make the remote environment so taxing and methods to help bring your mind and body into homeostasis.  The fact is remote work triggers within us stress that we are completely unaware of.  It affects us in so many ways that you may be more exhausted than you know, and sleep is not helping.  This book is amazing, and it is literally for anyone.

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Your Brain and Humanizing the Remote Work Experience

Your Brain and Humanizing the Remote Work Experience

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