DiscoverThe Retirement Wisdom PodcastYour Family History & Legacy – Laurie Hermance-Moore
Your Family History & Legacy – Laurie Hermance-Moore

Your Family History & Legacy – Laurie Hermance-Moore

Update: 2021-08-09


Have you ever wondered about your family history and what it means for your legacy?  We asked Laurie Hermance-Moore, an accredited Genealogist to help us get smarter about the topic.

We discuss:

  • What a professional Genealogist does

  • How understanding family history can be an important part of someone’s legacy

  • What’s possible to learn about your family history – and what’s not

  • The biggest obstacles to overcome in a family history project

  • What you can do on your own – and where a professional Genealogist can help

  • How she’s helped people discover their family history

  • When someone may need a Forensic Genealogist

  • Why this may be an interesting project in retirement

Laurie joins us from Ohio.


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Laurie Hermance-Moore is a history geek turned librarian, digital agency strategist, and professional genealogist. Her passion is helping individuals connect with the people that matter to them.

As a researcher, she loves finding those elusive records that will solve a mystery—and creates experiences for her clients that bring an ancestor to life in the context of history.

Laurie has more than 20 years of experience working in digital marketing agencies, serving other professionals at large companies. She enjoyed working directly with executives on strategic planning, developing brands, and conducting market research to better understand how consumers think and feel.

Laurie is an adoptee that found her amazing birth family and now feels as though she’s been adopted a second time.  Because it took her fifty years to actually know who her family is, she figures that’s why she’s been blessed with especially interesting ancestors who were on the leading edge of westward migration.

Laurie holds a B.A. History from the University of Kansas, a Master’s in Library Science from the University of Alabama, a Master’s in Marketing from Franklin University, and the Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University.  She is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the National Genealogical Society, and serves on the board of the Ohio Genealogical Society as 1st Vice President.

She received her accreditation in genealogy research in the U.S. Midwest states through the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGen℠).

She resides in Ohio with her husband and at least two cats.


Wise Quotes

On the Gifts of Family History

“What do you do with all the other things that you’re going to leave behind or could leave behind? So, I like to define legacy as the thoughtful and intentional process of deciding on the gifts to share with future generations. And those gifts can be a lot more than money. Those gifts can be your family history. They can be your story. They can be the traditions that your family has, they can be knowledge that you’ve gained. There’s a whole lot more there. That can be a gift to a future generation…I think that the important thing here is to figure out which are the things that really speak to your family’s history.”

On Geneology Travel

“…one of the most interesting and rewarding things that you can do is genealogy travel. So whether it’s to a place in the US, or Europe, standing on the land of your ancestors can really impact you. One time I was in Kansas City with a coworker and her family had traveled the Oregon Trail. And I said, well, we need to go out to Minor Park. And she said, Why? And I said, well, did you know that the routes of the Oregon Trail still exist in the Kansas City area? Because that’s where people started from. They went West to Independence, Missouri. But in this one city park, in, in Kansas City, the southern side of Kansas City, the wagons crossed a creek and they went pulling up a hill. And the rails where they ripped up the dirt are still there. She can stand there literally where her ancestors went over in a covered wagon. And this is from the Oregon Trail, which was at its height in the 1840s to 1860s. And you can still see those visible markings. And that’s why you travel for genealogy. It’s why you go look at the old records and hold a record that your ancestors signed because it connects you emotionally, physically.”


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Your Family History & Legacy – Laurie Hermance-Moore

Your Family History & Legacy – Laurie Hermance-Moore

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