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Your Story Pathfinder with Kim Eldredge

Your Story Pathfinder with Kim Eldredge

Update: 2019-07-19


Because words have been the guiding force in my whole life, I learned to read by three (although to be fair, I didn’t realize I was reading until I was five!) and have loved books and writing ever since. I’ve taken writing classes and workshops from some of the best contemporary teachers including Steve Orlen, Luci Tapahanso, Josip Novakovich, and more. I hold a degree from the University of Arizona in Creative Writing and Spanish.

One of the most exciting parts of being an author is getting to travel the world – and it’s all food for writing! I’ve attended writing conferences in St. Petersburg, Russia; Cardiff, Wales; Southern California, and Prescott, Arizona.

This all means I’ve spent a ton time and effort to learn how to write and practicing my craft. Which means that YOU get all the benefits of my training on YOUR project – my expertise in words gets to make your expertise in… whatever… sparkle!

My expert title is an Intuitive Ghostwriter. (yes, that’s really my title and I’m the one-and-only. The original!) What it means is that I’ve got the ability to get inside your head and figure out your message. It’s using your words and voice but applying all my knowledge to it. So if you feel you’re a really bad writer, it’s taking everything you want to say and expressing it clearly but in a way that still sounds like you!

I’m also serving as your Story Pathfinder – helping you find your way in the dark places of your project. For some, this is as simple as showing you the forest when you’re lost in the trees. A quick map view and you’re on your way.

But I also can be your book coach and hold your hand through the thickets of story.

Oh, and I use “story” to mean your unique contribution to the world of books. It doesn’t necessarily need to be fiction, although I love working with fiction authors and poets as well.

All this being said, I do primarily work with non-fiction authors. Most of my clients are in the “expert industry” and help people grow their businesses, change their lives, and expand in many ways. But I love to work with people who have something to say – and help them get their words out into the world.

While you’re thinking about it, yes, I do write and publish my own books! I got my start in publishing because I had a huge backlist books I’d written for outdoor recreation. Yep, I’d been selling them through my website and I was doing well if I was selling a few copies a month. But the emails I’d get back… I KNEW my books were helping people.

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Your Story Pathfinder with Kim Eldredge

Your Story Pathfinder with Kim Eldredge

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