DiscoverThe #SpeakEasy PodcastYour mental health check with Vivienne Emery
Your mental health check with Vivienne Emery

Your mental health check with Vivienne Emery

Update: 2021-01-05


This is your official mental health check.

After enduring all that last year had to offer, it is important to do a temperature check on your mind and mental health. As many others are working on vision boards and smart goals they often miss the importance of a positive and healthy mind. Your mind could be your springboard or your stumbling block to your goals.

Sometimes you need to create a plan to reach your personal happy place.

It's time to flip the switch on putting an "X" on the discussion about mental health and depression. It is time for a reset to your nervous system. Today's guest, Vivienne, filled the gap when it comes to mental health. She saw a missing piece when it came to the average person's better understanding and manageability of their mental health.

It's time to change what you think about! ~ Vivienne

Vivienne's nuggets:

~ When you feel that something is off you need to challenge those thoughts.
~ Determine what is at the root of the feelings or mindset that you currently have.
~ Audio is a powerful tool to reset your mind
~ When trying to battle anxiety take deep breaths and focus on where you currently are
~ Pretending to be okay does not serve you or anyone else well
~ Don't allow shame and unrealistic expectations to hinder you
~ Giving your body time to recover after trauma is important

One of the major shifts in how we look at anxiety is the fact that anxiety is good. Vivienne even mentioned making friends with your anxiety in order to be able to take control over it. It does not come from nowhere, it is a build up of stress that is not taken care of in a healthy manner.

The effects of mental health on the entrepreneurial journey can shift you into overdrive or bring your business to a complete hault. Knowing how to engage with clients, your team, co-workers, competition, and even those within your network can be influenced by your mental health. People often say that we need to take the emotion out of business but when we think about how business is conducted emotion is threaded throughout the whole strategy. From marketing to networking, we bring our emotions (or lack of emotional connection) with us.

Now is the best time for you to do a mental health check because it will affect the success you want to achieve. When was the last time that you have done a mental health check when it comes to your business or job?

Come join the conversation:

Meet Vivienne:

I am a therapist, author, and coach whose mission is to try and get the latest up-to-date information out there on anxiety and trauma so that therapy and treatment can be more effective. I was a teacher trainer for many years working in different countries and needed to reduce my own stress and anxiety levels and wanted to move away from quick fixes and spent time studying the nervous system and the brain to really understand how I could take back control of my own thoughts and sensations so that I could make friends with my body instead of fighting with it.

In addition to my new book on anxiety, I have two free e-books that can be downloaded from my website (no email is required) one is on depression and the other is on PTSD. Both look at the most up-to-date information on common symptoms to help people better understand what they are feeling in order to help them take a more active role in their recovery. The free e-books are currently being used in a few local GP surgeries and charities.

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Your mental health check with Vivienne Emery

Your mental health check with Vivienne Emery

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