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Update: 2024-04-03


Podcast interview with Jeanne Jennings.

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Jeanne Jennings is the General Manager of Only Influencers, the original community of email industry professionals.

Jeanne is also the Chair of Email Innovations world, and the Founder and CEO, Email Optimization Shop.

Main Topics

Future Outlook for Email Marketing

Addresses concerns about the future relevance of email amidst technological advancements. Explores factors such as privacy regulations, disillusionment with social media platforms, and ownership of subscriber relationships favoring email marketing’s longevity. Draws parallels between historical predictions about email’s decline and its continued resilience over time.

Role of Email Innovation World in advancing email marketing strategies

The conference focuses on providing advanced insights for successful email programs rather than covering basic concepts. It offers opportunities for experienced professionals to learn how to elevate their programs to the next level. The event aims to set itself apart by focusing on innovation within the field.

Only Influencers email community and its role in the email marketing industry

Only Influencers is a community for email industry professionals to network, discuss email-related topics, and share knowledge. The community provides resources such as newsletters, blogs, webinars, and special reports to benefit both members and non-members. It aims to promote collaboration and support within the industry.

Importance of understanding email marketing metrics

The OI Metrics project was launched as a resource for understanding email marketing metrics. A recent quiz revealed a need for better comprehension of these metrics among industry professionals. Understanding these numbers can significantly improve one’s ability to manage an email program effectively.

Revenue per Email Metric

Revenue per email (RPE) is favored over open rate or click-through rate as it directly impacts business bottom lines. RPE serves as a clear KPI for determining which emails drive more revenue per sent mail. Open and click-through rates are diagnostic metrics useful for improving RPE but should not be used as primary KPIs.

Understanding Email Metrics and Calculation

Emphasizes the significance of accurately calculating metrics like open rates and click-through rates. Highlights common misconceptions about unique opens, total opens, and their implications on interpreting metrics. Discusses how Apple MPP impacts traditional email metrics like open rates and CTOR.

Importance of Click Reach and Unique Clickers

Click Reach measures unique clickers across multiple email sends, providing insights for multi-effort series. Identifying the growth in new clickers helps in evaluating the effectiveness of email campaigns. Lack of new clickers may indicate the need to modify or eliminate certain email efforts.

Email List Growth

New names on the email list perform better than long-term subscribers, leading to higher open rates, click rates, and conversions. Moving the email sign-up from the footer to above the fold resulted in a 46% increase in email list growth. Placing the call-to-action above the fold is crucial for growing an email list.

A/B Split Testing

It’s important to AB split test even if you’re sure that a change will improve performance, as it ensures audience agreement. AB testing is done differently in each email platform. The functionality for AB split testing built into ESP software is often ineffective and can lead in the wrong direction.

Open Reach and Click Reach Metrics

Analyzing open reach and click reach metrics collectively provides insights into multi-effort series performance rather than individual emails alone.

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