DiscoverThe Cocktales Clubepisode 04: party in the u.s.a
episode 04: party in the u.s.a

episode 04: party in the u.s.a

Update: 2020-04-15


Hello and welcome to The Cocktales Club, a candid and unfiltered sex podcast!

In episode 04 of The Cocktales Club, Party in the U.S.A, I am joined with St. Louis local and Professional Dominatrix, Lady Lovage. Lady Lovage has been in the fetish lifestyle for seven years and has been a Femdom since 2015. She also hosts and plans a number of kinky and sex-positive events and parties in the area. She has been the Headmistress of ClubFEM St Louis, the founder of the House of J Femdom Collective, the hostess of the Diana Society, and a trusted BDSM educator. Her latest project is the Mistress Academy, which aims to educate those who are new to Professional BDSM. She has a degree in Psychology and a certificate in Gender Studies from Ohio University and has used her education and experience for the last three years as a Professional Mistress. In this episode, we talk ALL about sex parties and what they *actually* are, what happens at them, and SO much more!

*ignore the shitty sound quality on my end; sat too close to mic*

Simply put, The Cocktales Club has got you covered, baby! Sit back and enjoy the show, Cocktale Clubbers! xx

to better follow along with this episode, here are some helpful timestamps: 

- intro | 0:01
- what sex parties *actually* are | 2:15
- her first sex party/club experience | 4:50
- what being a unicorn is | 16:40
- how she got into sex party planning | 29:00
- the infamous halloween party (lol) | 38:00
- midroll | 45:00
- sex party horror story | 45:45
- how to host a successful sex party | 54:00
- closing thoughts | 1:10:59

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episode 04: party in the u.s.a

episode 04: party in the u.s.a