i'm hairless.mp3

i'm hairless.mp3

Update: 2020-02-09


content: Aug 1, 2016 · podcast: Feb 9, 2020

Back in the late-ish 90s I met this somewhat homeless girl outside my apartment. She asked me if I could give her a ride up to the store and since it was on my way, sure no problem. She talked the entire ten minute trip, showed me page after page of thoughts she had written down. It was almost overwhelming — the sheer amount of creative lunacy she’d come up with.

So the next day she was again outside my apartment when I came home and asked if she could come in while she waited for another ride. I was like, umm.. I don’t think so. Then she asked me if she could just wait in my car for her ride. That was fine I guess. When I left later that night she was gone.. whew.

So the day after that I came out and she was sitting in my car with her notebooks and I was like, "lady you got to go."

Anyways, I wrote this song based on things she said over the course of those three days. I changed the words somewhat so they’d rhyme and added some to flesh it out…but you’ll get the gist.

Oh — and I’m not even kidding.

Moon is washing out the lunacy.

Glowing tides ignite my curiosity.

Pocketful of nuts and no currency.

Sharpening my knives oh so delicately.

Lacerated my tent, HA! I’m hairless.

Bliss of accelerated shady awareness.

Couldn’t stay awake, a milky shake careless.

Counseled my jury in all due fairness.

Not a taste of guilt but I’m always suspicious.

The trial’s finale: I’m victorious.

Heightened my twitch to bitch vicious.

Dimming your headlights is nutritious.

Insufficient evidence is substantial.

I’m Joplin but listen to me sing...

Hmm mmm mmm.

Hmm mmm mmm.

Now then where was I going.
Oh yes, insufficient evidence.
Insufficient evidence is substantial.
Knocked up the president.
My visa needs canceled.

Hmm mmm mmm.

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i'm hairless.mp3

i'm hairless.mp3