DiscoverHome Gadget GeeksiPhone 12 Hands on Review – HGG466
iPhone 12 Hands on Review – HGG466

iPhone 12 Hands on Review – HGG466

Update: 2020-10-31


It’s all about the iPhone 12 this week. Jim has one! Mike has one! And we are here to talk about it. The setup, the activation, the 5G and much more! We also do a beer review and look ahead to the November 7th Meatup!  All that and more!

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Join Jim Collison / @jcollison and Mike Wieger / @WiegerTech for show #466 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network.


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11/7 Meatup – BBQ, Grill and Smoking Meatup!


[2:05 ] Big thanks to Hover for supporting Home Gadget Geeks!

[2:57 ] Beer of the Week – Love Honey Bock from Lost Forty Brewing.

[4:07 ]} iPhone 12

[52:50 ] Love Honey Bock Review

[54:13 ] Next week, Erin Lawrence from

[55:59 ] PSA – Call before you Dig – Mike tells why!

[57:57 ] Meatup November 7th!


Jim Collison  [0:00

This is the Average Guy Network and you have found Home Gadget Geeks show number 466 recorded on October 29 2020.

Here on Home Gadget Geeks we cover all your favorite tech gadgets that find their way into your home news reviews product updates and conversation all for the average tech guy. I’m your host Jim Collison, broadcasting live from a chilly Mike in the pre show. We were talking it’s got its I think it’s gonna warm back up a little bit i was i was lighting candles in the shed and out there it was kind of chilly. And and so he had to be in the pre show to not that

Mike Wieger  [0:47

that reference

Jim Collison  [0:48

that reference. So you should By the way, if you only listen to the recorded maybe you’re only listening to this as a podcast. You should come out and join us. Join us live it’s tons of fun. Head up to http://theaverageguy.TV/live but Mike little chilly.
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iPhone 12 Hands on Review – HGG466

iPhone 12 Hands on Review – HGG466

Jim Collison