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CONSPIRACY: The Lead Masks Case

CONSPIRACY: The Lead Masks Case

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Crime Junkie is off this week but we have something special for you instead! Take a listen to Ashley's new weekly show Supernatural!

In the 60s two men were found deceased, laying side by side on a hill with strange homemade masks. Despite a lengthy investigation and decades of intrigue no one has been about to say how exactly these two men died or why. And all these years later we are left to wonder if perhaps their deaths are the result of something out of this world.

If you like this episode you can go listen to episode 2 right now! Just search Supernatural on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts!

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Comments (27)

Pat Edwards

they were gullible, they were poisoned and robbed. yes they were scammed alright.

Apr 28th


crime junkies is sounding more junkie...

Apr 8th

I Hope Someone Relates

Ughg..... SKIP

Apr 8th


This episode was so much more enjoyable without the co-host! Hoping for more solo episodes like this in the future :)

Mar 19th
Reply (3)

Elizabeth Pond

Nope, not even a *bit* interested in this kind of made-up bollix.

Mar 18th
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Mar 16th

Life and Liberty

I've listened to every episode! enjoy this show! makes me think and rethink. but then i hear that there is 13 plagiarized episodes! tell me it isn't true!

Mar 16th
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I enjoyed this on Supernatural. It's an interesting unsolved case. Unfortunately, I think the explanation is probably mundane in the physical and metaphysical sense. It seems likely to be something related to a drug overdose. Perhaps they were also assaulted when they were stoned. Wearing those lead masks would make them easy targets even if they weren't high. Otherwise, the bodies could've been looted by someone who didn't want to report them in order to avoid trouble.

Mar 16th

Sarri Danker

Ladies, I adore your show! I love how you keep the banter and tangential conversations to a minimum, and how you are passionate about the cases and your storytelling of them. The world has gone a little crazy, so I understand this comment is super trivial in light of it all, but I'm wondering if you could do me a favor and fix a few consistently-made grammar problems. I was an English/language arts teacher for thirty plus years, so hearing them over and over is like fingernails in the proverbial chalkboard for me! Mainly, when you are referring to anyone or anything resting on its own, the verb form you want is the present participle "lying" not "laying"....just extract the "a" any time you have a helping verb like "is, are, or was" as in "her body was lying in the ditch..."

Mar 16th
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Richard Stokoe

This is really irritating. It's just a random bullshit ghost story read off the internet. This makes Miss Flowers sound gullible. I can't trust her lack of skepticism. This has ruined Crime Junkies for me. With a heavy heart....unsubscribed.

Mar 16th
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Apple Betty

If you want a really great paranormal show, listen to mysterious universe.

Mar 16th
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CONSPIRACY: The Lead Masks Case

CONSPIRACY: The Lead Masks Case