Discoverhoney talks podcast with katya nova (nurturingnovas)The Miracle of Vaginal Steaming with Keli Garza
The Miracle of Vaginal Steaming with Keli Garza

The Miracle of Vaginal Steaming with Keli Garza

Update: 2019-02-08


After discovering the near-miraculous healing power of vaginal steaming in her own life, Keli began to research the effects of this ancient practice on menstrual and reproductive health. Her company, Steamy Chick, is now the largest distributor of vaginal steam supplies in the United States. She also founded the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute to train practitioners in the use of vaginal steam therapies. Call it what you will: yoni steam, gyno in a box, or peristeam hydrotherapy - this is women’s ancient medicine and it’s spreading like wildfire, as we’re remembering the wisdom of our grandmothers.

if you are interested in any of the courses on Keli’s website,, she’s offering a generous discount to our Honey Talks community. These courses include Vaginal Steam Starter's Guide $297, Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification $397 and Peristeam Hydrotherapist Certification $5044. Use the code honeytalks at checkout for a special discount.

This show is brought to you by @fknhoney, a make-love-better love butter with amazing glide and healing botanicals. It’s edible, arousing, smells divine, and can help transform your orgasmic potential.


Discussed in this episode: 

- how steaming will change your body

- why steaming works even when you don’t believe it

- how to avoid painful sex postpartum

- what is prolapse

- what you didn’t know about postpartum recovery

- universal postpartum practices designed for a woman to heal

- what you might not know about midwifery

- what happens if you steam immediately after giving birth

- what is uterine fatigue / flood bleeding

- the most important time to rest

- how to stop bleeding postpartum

- how steaming can heal traumas from previous births

- no more fibroids

- what about episiotomy scars?

- steaming & menopause

- why we can’t talk about returning to great sex without talking about birth injuries

- how to get juicy like a teenager

- how vaginal steaming does everything that foreplay does

- how vaginal steaming makes orgasms better

- is returning to a pre-pregnancy body a myth?

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The Miracle of Vaginal Steaming with Keli Garza

The Miracle of Vaginal Steaming with Keli Garza

Katya Nova