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Update: 2019-12-20



We are the volunteers of the Tech Allies Network and this is techieCPD.

So what’s this podcast about? Well, consistently performing to a high standard at work requires effort and persistence. If it can be done right, the rewards can be great: successful endeavours, better compensation, and happier workplace relationships – to name a few. We are making techieCPD disseminating cross-industry knowledge and development surrounding technology to professionals and aspiring professionals to help you develop and maintain your professional self.

The podcast will be released monthly, join us as we interview industry experts, discuss techniques to flourish, and help each other climb the ladder of our technical careers. This podcast is for people working or interested in the Technology and Digital sectors. The Tech Allies Network is the home of techieCPD® and this is the podcast for your continued professional development.

And now, a taster of some people that will be joining us on the techieCPD podcast feed soon:

  • "I like to describe myself as a recuiter. I am now a cofounder of a recruitment agency."

  • "I'm the IBM client exec for Wimbledon and England rugyby. I look after all of our sports partnerships in the UK"

  • "We run design sprints but we also train people how to do the process themselves"

  • "I'm in international finance and currently working out of Monaco"

  • "I am an associate software engineer at an online retailer"

  • "I'm the team lead for a group of business analysts and they deliver projects for Shell Canada in the retail space."

  • "...and I'm currently the GM/Eco-community manager here at Rise London, which is created by Barclays"

To listen to these make sure to subscribe now using Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your favourite podcast player, to catch the first episode coming in January 2020.

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techieCPD Trailer

techieCPD Trailer

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