Become a Castboxer by joining our Telegram group!

What does it require to be a Castboxer?

Castbox users hope to get answers by posting in the community. They are in need of expert users to help them out.

So if:

You can prove yourself a Castbox enthusiast/superfan. You want to become the best Castbox experts and advocates;

You know how to get the most out of Castbox and are glad to help answer questions or solve user issues in the Castbox online communities;

You want to engage with other podcast listeners/podcasters and discuss podcasts with other fans;

You are keen to provide feedback on products, submit innovated ideas for Castbox, and share your inspirational experiences in the community;

Then you are the one we are looking for!

What's in it for Castboxers?

You get to rock a (digital) badge of honor on your social media channels. You get gifts like Free Castbox Premium membership and BOX tokens. We have how-to guides for you to trade BOX tokens and convert them into money. The more BOX tokens you earn, the more money you will get. No upper limit!

Are you in?

We always welcome new Castboxers, so click here to join directly!

How do I know that I qualify?

In Telegram group, we will keep track of your contribution. Once you help answer enough questions, make enough interactions with other members, submit valuable ideas, or promote our app to others successfully, you will be in our list of qualified Castboxers. We will publish the results in the groups regularly and invite you to be a part of our core Castboxers group.