Thank You 20M Users

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Castbox just hit 20 million users and we want to thank you for being one of them!
Even more exciting news, Castbox has been nominated for Fan Favorite App of 2018 in Google Play’s annual Best Of Awards in US, Korea, Canada, Australia, UK!

Castbox CEO, Renee Wang,
has a message for you:

Vote for Castbox. Your vote matters.

The voting process is simple.

Click the button below, which will open to the Google Play Fan Favorite Awards 2018 page. Be sure you're signed in with your Google account.

Click the Vote button for Fan Favorite App of 2018, and select Castbox.

Enjoy these fun facts about Castbox:

Castbox’s #1 power user has spent the equivalent of half a year listening to Castbox.

The one episode that has been repeatedly listened to the most by a single user is Calm Oscillating Wind for Deep Sleep (No Talking). This user has listened to it more than 7,627 times. Hopefully it’s helping them sleep!

Castbox currently has 94,421,866 episodes. That totals 802,472 hours worth of audio content. It would take about 5,496 years to hear it all.

Castbox has helped people cope with addictions and depression. Any amount of help we can provide to our users makes our work worthwhile.

At the crack of dawn, users in the Maldives enjoy Castbox’s company more than anywhere else.

Yuki M., you appear to be the most southern Castbox user in Japan. Though you are the only user in Chatan, you have 20 million Castbox friends all around the world.

23.18% of our users in the US are using Castbox to learn a second language.

We dedicate all of these fun facts to our users, and that includes you. You made them happen.
Our goal is to reach more people with more podcasts.
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