​MeaVox Live, Singapore’s leader in podcast education and consulting kickstarts Asia’s podcast movement by hosting Asia’s inaugural podcast summit from

November 8-10​. This is a virtual conference designed to share podcast experience within the industry. 



Alongside the conference will be the first ever Asia Podcast Award to honour trailblazers in podcasting and independent content creation. Podcasters from Asia can nominate their podcasts for submission, from now until September 15​. ​The nominated podcasts from 4 categories will be shortlisted for public voting. Among the coveted titles will be Best Business Podcast, Best Technology Podcast, Best Education Podcast and Best Entertainment Podcast.​ Podcast fans are invited to vote for their favourite Asia-based podcasts, in any language. Winners, chosen from a combination of invited judges from the podcasting industry and public voting, will be announced live at the Asia Podcast Awards ceremony on 8t​ h​ November in Singapore, venue to be announced later.

Ms Ling Ling Tai, co-founder of MeaVox Live says, “The time is right for the podcasting industry to take off in Asia. By bringing together the best in Asian podcasting in one virtual conference, we want to learn from their expertise and further take Asian Podcasting to the next level.”

The Asia Podcast Submit is organised by podcasters for Asia-based content creators. Participants will be able to learn from a series of pre-recorded videos with additional content released on 9 & 10 November for a limited time. Among the companies and seasoned podcasters participating are podcast platform Castbox and Inside China Tech’s Zen Soo and Yang Yang. Videos will cover topics like ​Podcast recording setup for every budget​ and ​Future of podcasting in Asia​. The summit will have something for every kind of podcasters out there, from absolute beginners to advanced creators. There will also be Q & A sessions and breakout LIVE sessions that podcasters can attend from the comfort of their home or studio.

“​The summit will be rich in podcast knowhow so that the podcast industry in Asia will grow in skill and, hopefully it will lead to collaborations and better content within the industry,” adds Ling Tai. 

2019 has shaped up to a big year for podcasting. With the $300 acquisition of Gimlet Media and Anchor by Spotify, the simple concept of streaming audio content on demand on any device over the internet is finally gaining mainstream worldwide. The total ad revenue grew to $600 million in 2018, attracting advertisers and technology companies like Google, Castbox and Stitcher who are in the business of hosting and distribution podcasts. The next stage of growth will come from the audience who have never listened to a podcast before, such as 65% of the global audience, from mobile savvy countries such as China and India.

Ms Raven Lim, co-founder of MeaVox Live says, “The Asia podcast community may be small but is actively growing at the moment, ranging from broadcasters to independent creators. We want to bring public awareness to this diversity and encourage more people to listen and create their own podcasts.”

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MeaVox Live is a Singapore-based podcast education and consulting company. We are a start-up with a mission to grow the podcast industry in Asia. We believe in helping others to speak up and share their stories, causes, wisdom, expertise and voices through podcasts. With a greater diversity in the podcast space, we hope to bring greater wisdom, compassion and peace to humanity.

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