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Common issues

What should I do if playback stops?

When this stop/pause issue happens, please check the following:
1) Is the app is running in the foreground or the background?
2) Are you streaming the episodes online or not?
3) If the answer to question 2) is online, are you streaming via mobile data or WIFI?
4) if you're using mobile data, please switch to using WIFI OR try to play downloaded episodes in offline mode, to see if the issue is due to a weak WiFi connection.
5) Is your device on battery-saving mode?
6) Are you using any cache-clearing or power-saving apps?
7) If this issue keeps happening, please go to the app "Personal" page- "About"- "Contact us"- "Submit report via email", and shoot us a message regarding the situation.
8) If playback stops while paying downloaded episodes, please send us some screenshots or a recorded video so we can investigate further.

If you are using a Google Pixel phone and the app stops while the phone is locked, please go to the phone Settings - Apps & notifications - Castbox - Battery - Battery optimization - All apps - Castbox, and set it to "Don't optimize". For other phone models, please check if there is a similar setting on your phone, and please message us at with your phone model and Android system version.

What should I do about auto download issues?

1) Please go to "Settings" then "Auto download" to check if this feature is enabled for the podcasts you'd like to download automatically. Please send the screenshots of your settings to
2) If the app is not allowed to run in the background or is only running on WiFi, then the autodownload feature will not work. Please turn on your WiFi and allow the app to run in the background for full functionality.

If I finish playing a downloaded episode and enable the "Auto delete" feature, why is this episode still there?

The "Auto delete" feature will work within 1 hour after an episode is played in full

I have unlimited mobile data, how do I disable the "mobile data warning"?

Please go to your "Settings" then "Mobile data usage" and enable the features of "Stream" and/or "Download" to disable this popup.

I'm having trouble downloading to an SD card

1) Please go to your phone Settings - Applications - Castbox, and check if Castbox is allowed to use your SD card/storage permission/media permission.
2) Please message us at if your issue is still unresolved.

If I can't log in to the app or subscribe to any channel, what should I do?

Please go to your phone Settings- Applications- Google Play services, and check its version. If it's not the newest version, please update it. Please send us a message if this doesn't solve the issue.

How can I subscribe to more than 100 channels?

Please go to your Castbox app, click on the Personal tab - Go Premium. You'll get 7 days of free premium streaming after you sign up, and if you'd like to cancel this subscription before it automatically rolls over, please go to the Google Play app - Account - Subscriptions - Manage - Cancel subscription. After canceling it, all of your subscriptions (more than 100) will still be displayed in your Subscriptions list.

Why can't I download anything?

1) Check if you have enough storage space.
2) Send an email with the details of this issue to

How can I sort the order of episodes from oldest to newest?

In the "Channel Info" page, you can click the "three lines and an arrow" button under the "COMMENTS" icon to change the order of the episode list; in the "Channel Settings" page (the three vertical buttons on the top right corner of the "Channel Info" page), there is a "Play" button for you to change "Top to Bottom" or "Bottom to Top", which will change the playback order, not the order of the episode list. For example, there are 3 episodes in a channel, you select "Bottom to Top", playback will start from the 3rd episode and continue to the 2nd episode. For more info, please reach us at