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Common issues

If it stops during the playback, what should I do?

1) If it happens when your phone locks, please check if any power management app/security app installed on your phone will "kill" the app in the background or restrict the app running in the background. If the app is restricted, please allow it to use in the background.
2) If it happens when the app is running in the foreground, when this issue happens, please go to the app "Personal" page- "About"- "Contact us"- "Submit report via email...", and send us an email in this way.
3) Please tell us the names of episodes to which this issue happens.

If the auto download feature does not work well, what should I do?

1) Please go to "Settings"- "Auto download" to check if this feature is enabled for the podcasts you'd like to have it downloaded automatically. Please send the screenshots of your settings of this feature to
2) If the app is not allowed to run in the background, this feature could not work; if the app is only allowed to use on Wifi, only when you connect to Wifi, this feature could work.
3) If the Internet connection is good and the app could run in the background, this feature could work every 1 hour.

If I finish playing a downloaded episode and enable the "Auto delete" feature, why is this episode still there?

Please do not worry, the "Auto delete" feature will work in 1 hour after this episode is played 100%.

I have unlimited mobile data, how could I disable the "mobile data warning" every time?

Please go to the "Settings" - "Mobile data usage", enable the features of "Stream" and "Download", then this warning won't appear any more.

I have set to download to SD card, why does it not work?

1) Please go to your phone Settings - Applications - CastBox, and check if CastBox is allowed to use your SD card/storage permission/media permission.
2) Please reach us at, and send more detail regarding your issue.

If I cannot log in the app, or subscribe to any channel, what should I do?

Please go to your phone Settings- Applications- Google Play services, and check its version. If it's not the newest version, please update it. Please tell us more detail regarding your issue by reaching us at

How can I subscribe to more than 100 channels?

You can go to the app Personal page - Go Premium - Get 7 days free, after subscribing to the premium version, you can feel free to subscribe to more; if you'd like to cancel this subscription before it formally charges, please go to the Google Play app - Account - Order History - CastBox. After cancelling it, all of your subscriptions (more than 100) could still be displayed in your subscription list.

If I'd like to manually sort my subscriptions, what should I do?

Try the "Tags" feature. Please click to enter the "Channel Info" page of a channel - three vertical dots on the top right corner - "Settings" - "Tag", create a new tag or add it to the existing tags. You can add other channels to this tag in the same way. Later, you can check it on the "Subscribed" tab, click that tag to find these channels.

If I cannot download anything, what should I do?

1) Check if you have enough storage space.
2) Send an email with the details of this issue to