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Igbo Podcast:Igbo Podcast

Igbo Podcast

"Ọjị Abịala: An Igbo Podcast" takes a revamped and innovative approach towards learning to speak the Igbo language-- guaranteed to make you at least conversant. In doing so, it aims to promote Igbo culture, literature, and a greater sense of community, especially between Ndị Igbo in Nigeria and those in the diaspora. This Igbo podcast makes language learning a lifestyle and enjoyable!! Come and join the movement and spread the word. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/igbopodcast/support


Ikenga Nation presents | IGBO Podcast (High Quality):Ikenga Nation

Ikenga Nation presents | IGBO Podcast (High Quality)

The official podcast of the Ikenga Nation. Our shows feature: Ebeanọ | Igbo Gist Podcast - a podcast discussing the trending topics and latest gist from Nigeria to the world Housewife Chronicles - stories about housewives who suspect their husband of shady business Keske lafiọ - Honorable Caw Caw gives us a funny recounting of news events going on in Nigeria and more. https://ikenganation.com


The English Igbo girl Podcast:Amaka Jessica

The English Igbo girl Podcast

I find and chat about audience favourite animated movies and sequels. I also dig up unpopular reviews and opinions about your favourite cartoons. Plus, there may be riddles at the end of each episode so... STAY TUNED. Follow @iamamakajessica for more


Asa Igbo podcast with Nwodo chinasa every Friday stay tune:Nwodo Chinasa

Asa Igbo podcast with Nwodo chinasa every Friday stay tune

Good morning friend, welcome to my podcast series. here we discuss issue concerning us here in Nigeria. We learn, relearn and unlearn many interesting facts. Please do well to stay with me every Friday. Don't forget I am still your podcast queen. Asa Igbo nile


Igbo Lectures:Igbo Lectures

Igbo Lectures

This is a podcast of lectures given in Igbo. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/igbo-lectures/support


Learn Igbo with Jackie:Jackie Obasi

Learn Igbo with Jackie

This podcast is designed for sustaining and developing of the Igbo language and culture. The Igbo language is endangered and efforts should be made towards sustaining it. Our aim is to design programmes that will promote the Igbo language and culture. Join us!


One word in Igbo- Isi Akwu Dara n'Ala.:Akaelu Dora

One word in Igbo- Isi Akwu Dara n'Ala.

This podcast is aimed at promoting the learning of Igbo language.




Your podcast for all things Igbo. Each episode is a conversation with Igbo people from various walks of life. We will discuss a wide range of topics, from food and language to relationships and music. Join the nkata!


Ndi Igbo Xpress:Emmanuel Onya AGWO

Ndi Igbo Xpress

Exploring Happenings and News from Eastern Nigeria (IGBO People) Giving a sense of belonging to all Easterners (Ndi Igbo) in southern Nigeria. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/agwo-emmanuel0/support


ÍFÚÁNỊ̀:Ibiam Ude Ufiem


This podcast is a broadcast of Igbo chant poems,which is called Mbem. Igbo chant poetry is one which have been foretold to go into extinction soon, but with this daily podcast, we hope to revive it.


Wicked Igbo Woman:Wicked Igbo Babe

Wicked Igbo Woman

Pop culture and social commentary from your favorite wicked Igbo woman. Find the podcast on Twitter and Instagram at @wicked_nwaanyi!


Develop Your A-Game:Beverley Agbakoba-Onyejianya - I am a lawyer/entrepreneur and humanist.

Develop Your A-Game

Join Beverley , proudly Igbo-Nigerian, proudly African in her new Skills and knowledge based Podcast Series. Discussing and exploring a variety of themes from business to relationships to societal issues, entrepreneurship, faith and more . It’s a podcast sharing real life relatable experiences that will inspire you and empower you on your journey of becoming the best version of yourself... Please click like and subscribe to the show . Develop your A-Game is also available on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Breaker and wherever you have podcasts. Follow @developyouragamepodcast @developyourAga1


NKATA: Art and Processes:Nkata Podcast Station

NKATA: Art and Processes

NKATA is an Igbo word from the language spoken by the Igbo people of Nigeria. It simply means "Conversation". Thus this podcast series will feature conversations with selected individuals (artists, cultural operators, and creatives) whose work I have known – some over many years and others, a little less so. What sets them apart is that I consider them and their works to be compelling, engaging and relevant to the time. The idea of this podcast is to have in-depth but also accessible conversations about who these individuals are, their life’s journeys and how this translates into their vocation as creative people. Conversations will depart from exploring the background of the artists' personal history while meandering through key themes, positions, and ideologies central to their works. Each episode will feature one conversation with a selected artist. Emeka Okereke (Host).




Hola! Je m'appelle Abisola Akinbola. I am a language enthusiast and a bookaholic. I speak English, French, Yoruba, Pidgin and I would like to learn Swedish, Spanish, German, Swahili, Igbo and Hindi in the next few years. Welcome to languages and books, a podcast for language enthusiasts and book lovers. If you're a language enthusiast like me, you love learning languages or reading books, then join me on this amazing journey. Watch out for a fresh episode every Thursday by 9:00pm WAT




Ello is an Igbo word that means to contemplate a matter gravely. On the Ello podcast, my guests and I would have honest and vulnerable conversations about highs and lows of our journey through growing up and adulting.


Chọ chọ chọ: The musings of a Nigerian nonconformist:Chizobam Ugboaja

Chọ chọ chọ: The musings of a Nigerian nonconformist

I’ve been called a “chǫ chǫ chǫ” my whole life for talking too much. Here I’ll give you tea on my experience as a Nigerian international in the US and all the times I’ve heard people missyarn on Twitter and in real life. This podcast is about any and everything. Yours truly, Omo Igbo.


Learn Igbo Through Books And Stories:Nmerichukwu Nwankwo

Learn Igbo Through Books And Stories

Igbo language is one of the major spoken languages in Nigeria. But because of the minority of our population, it is one of the most threatened languages about to go into extinction. It is our duty to speak on this beautiful language so that our forefathers will not be disappointed in us. Refer this podcast to your children and friends.




Ije is an Igbo word which means “Walk” or “Movement” or anything that implies mobility. This podcast will be bringing real life stories, real life experiences, real life challenges, from real life people who are willing to be instruments of inspiration to others.


What’s Your Vibe?:#WhatsYourVibe

What’s Your Vibe?

An Igbotic Podcast primarily focused on conversations about the Igbo culture and traditions. The hosts have light-hearted conversations about their personal experiences and provide their own opinions. We thank you all for your continued support. Chukwu gozie unu niile (God bless you all). Follow us on Twitter @WYVPodcast1 and Instagram @WYVPodcast


Reads, Recs & Reviews:Chiamaka Ehiem

Reads, Recs & Reviews

Reads, Recs & Reviews is a podcast for every reader and anyone looking to read wide, read more and find joy in reading. Chiamaka the Bookish Igbo Girl will be sharing reviews of books she's currently reading, reading excerpts from books and sharing book recommendations. Sometimes she might chip in a not so bookish news and spice up things a little. Keep an open mind as she would read explicit content from books as well (God give her strength), this is a safe space to relax and have fun. Social Media Handles @bookishigbogirl (instagram) and @thelifeofamaka (twitter)

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