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Ctrl-Alt-Del Reboot Marketing Again:atul s nath

Ctrl-Alt-Del Reboot Marketing Again

Marketing is dead, long live marketing! Doing business today is like being tossed around inside a food processor. To stay relevant in this manic world and be future forward, we’ve got to hit reboot for marketing. Join Quivr & Candid Marketing Founder Atul S Nath on a podcast where he picks some of the best marketing brains in India. Developing ‘Atulkit' for marketing & communication that resonates with tomorrow’s customers and energises tomorrow’s brands.


Ctrl+Alt+Del:Dr. Kala Wilson, MPA


"Ctrl+Alt+Del: Rebooting Our Perception of Surveillance Capitalism"This thought-provoking podcast series invites listeners to reboot their understanding of the digital world. We delve into the unseen corners of surveillance capitalism, exploring its deep impacts on health equity, power dynamics, marketing, and advertising. By presenting perspectives from the frontiers of technology, policy, and social science, we aim to illuminate the complexities of this digital paradigm, equip listeners with knowledge to navigate the digital landscape, and foster a dialogue about how we can shape a more equitable digital future.It's time to Ctrl+Alt+Del and start a fresh conversation on surveillance capitalism.Available on all major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, and Google Podcasts. 

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