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Go Beyond Fundraising: The Podcast for Nonprofits:Nonprofit Fundraising & Marketing Podcast by Pursuant

Go Beyond Fundraising: The Podcast for Nonprofits

Go Beyond Fundraising, a podcast brought to you by the Pursuant Group, seeks to find the sharpest minds in the fundraising, nonprofit marketing, and organizational leadership and create conversations that spark positive change. We exist to help determined nonprofits make an even bigger impact in the world through smart strategy, cutting-edge technology, and actionable data. Learn more at pursuant.com/gobeyondpodcast.


Fundraising: Demystified! True Stories Direct From Founders:Jason Kirby

Fundraising: Demystified! True Stories Direct From Founders

In this podcast, we uncover the untold stories of founders who have weathered the highs and lows of raising capital. We go beyond the headlines and Techcrunch funding news articles to explore the uncharted territories of the fundraising landscape. In each episode, we'll sit down with founders from various industries who have raised venture capital to bring their visions to life. They'll open up about their personal journeys, fundraising tactics & more. If you're a founder, this podcast offers a ton of value & insights you can apply to your fundraising journey. Don't forget to hit subscribe!


From “Dance Bible” to “Simbionic A.I Test Subject”:Sworinha

From “Dance Bible” to “Simbionic A.I Test Subject”

This is a day by day account of transition from December 2, 2022 to February 6, 2023 and beyond. My collection of audio clips/podcasts are a run up to the go fund me fundraising campaign of 100,030 days starting February 6. It encompasses: dance Bible, a.k.a. book of ohm, a second book spinoff of its unique language, and a third version of open source community policing, via Wikipedia of a dictionary of the 2nd book. These 80+ clips 5+ hours are the combination of daily dealings of strangers, their reactions and non-reactions. Please enjoy share support and if possible, try it for yourself there's enough info between these audio clips to grasp the whole concept of what my main goal is to become the first symbiotic man AI 1.0 to be able to turn it on and off without the worry of AI, becoming self-aware, turning itself on and decoupling itself. There might be a possible candidate for the three layer, three tier halo inspired man of Mars of tomorrow, today.


Office Hours by DTC School:DTC School

Office Hours by DTC School

The Offices Hours podcast was created to learn from some of the best and brightest minds in eCommerce to answer some of the hardest questions in the industry. How do you create a strong eCommerce company in a time when CAC is on the rise? How should your eCommerce company go about fundraising? What are some of the hard tactics to use to scale from $0 to $1M and beyond? Join host Richie Mashiko as he talks to founders, operators, and investors in the DTC space to answer questions like these and more. If you're in eCommerce, then this podcast was created just for you!

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