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Naturally Florida:Shannon Carnevale and Lara Milligan

Naturally Florida

Naturally Florida is a podcast about Florida's natural areas and the wild things that live here. This podcast is brought to you by UF/IFAS Extension's Natural Resources programs in Polk and Pinellas Counties.


Natural Inspirations Podcast:Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida Edition

Natural Inspirations Podcast

Conversations to naturally inspire your healthy life choices. Natural Awakenings magazine features local natural health experts on the Space & Treasure Coast in Florida. We cover a wide variety of natural health topics, approaches and tips to address a healthy balanced lifestyle.


The Seller's Podcast:Loren Hanchey

The Seller's Podcast

I’m Loren, a real estate agent and business enthusiast in central florida. My goal with this podcast is to bring knowledge and insight to others who are interested in either real estate or business in general. While I always keep myself open to business opportunities outside of selling real estate, my speciality is selling real estate. Naturally, my knowledge regarding business is seen through the lens of an active real estate agent. Throughout this podcast I will address a variety of topics within the business world.


Donata Skinfood:Donata Joseph

Donata Skinfood

Vegan Skinfood by Donata™ | Skin therapist | Educate • Tips • DIYs | Helping you achieve healthier skin, naturally Donata Joseph believes in making her mark and changing lives. In 2011, Ms. Joseph founded Adding Doses of HOPE Daily Foundation to empower families of children with Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). She wanted to share her experiences, challenges and tips for raising two children diagnosed with ADHD. In 2012, she decided to break the silence and address the escalating issues of Domestic Violence. Her blog, Behind Closed Doors, chronicled a seven-year abusive relationship. The post elicited responses from people all over the world. The Foundation sponsors events and programs that bridge the gap between mental health and healthy relationships. Through motivational speaking, youth mentoring and parenting education, she encourages, empowers and elevates individuals in all walks of life to reflect on their overall mental wellness. Prior to founding Adding Doses of HOPE Daily foundation, Ms. Joseph volunteered in a variety of community settings, including nonprofit organizations, youth centers and churches. In 2013, Ms. Joseph created DONATA, a natural vegan skinfood line that also offers skincare, nutrition and health seminars. She uses this platform to empower teens and adults to see the connection between their mind, body and spirit. The proceeds from DONATA help fund programs for Adding Doses of HOPE Daily Foundation. Ms. Joseph obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Florida International University with an emphasis in Behavioral Analysis. She was a research assistant in the University’s Center for Children and Families, where she focused on research and treatment of evidence-based approaches in child and adolescent mental health. Ms. Joseph is currently enrolled in a dual program to obtain her Bachelor’s in Health Science and a Master’s in Oriental Medicine. She lives in Miami, Florida with her three children.


Muscle Monsters Podcast: Train Hard | Eat Big | Get Jacked:Muscle Monsters Podcast: Train Hard | Eat Big | Get Jacked

Muscle Monsters Podcast: Train Hard | Eat Big | Get Jacked

Hi, My name is Alain Gonzalez, an average guy from Florida who was once a 23 year old adult living in a 12 year old’s body. I have dedicated my life to helping hardgainers like me to build muscle. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to help others change their lives. I did not win the “genetic lottery”, I am not a bodybuilder, and I definitely can’t point you in the direction of any “magic pills” or powders. What I do have is what I like to call “The Three D’s”. Dedication, Desire, and Drive, and with these three things I can accomplish anything I put my mind to…and so can you. My Story I was 107lbs. of skin and bones, scrawny, weak, with little or no confidence at all. I didn’t have the girls and I didn’t have the job and I DEFINITELY didn’t have the confidence to change the situation. Over the years I have spent countless hours studying, researching, and testing the science behind building muscle and have managed to completely transform my physique, multiple times. So why listen to me? Because the techniques I discuss have allowed myself along with countless clients to build incredible amounts of muscle in record time. My methods have been shown to allow naturally skinny guys to put on lean mass while keeping a low body fat without any crazy diets or spending insane hours in the gym. I don’t consider myself a fitness guru, my methods may be unconventional but they are not secrets. If you’re looking for an easy way to building the body of your dreams – then I apologize, what I teach takes hard work, discipline, and drive. My Mission My goal is to help over 1 million naturally skinny guys to build muscle and achieve a physique they never thought possible. I offer simple, science based, fluff free training and nutrition advice for anyone who has struggled to put on any weight in the past. My methods are unconventional and not what you’re used to seeing in the muscle and fitness magazines, but are tested and proved with real people just like you and I. I have a library of FREE downloadable training programs, articles, videos, etc, that are all here at your disposal.




Skroodle is a Rapper from Saint Petersburg, Florida that is currently managed by Freeway Rick Ross. Every once in a while there comes a rapper who naturally outshines the rest. There’s no denying his star power. He’s so ruthless with his rhymes that even the toughest naysayers got to give him respect. On the fast track to superstardom, 26-year-old St. Petersburg, Fla. native Skroodle is such an artist. Within only two short years on the scene, Skroodle went from a jail cell to recording booth to onstage tearing up clubs across the Gunshine State. Fueled by his debut single “Get Yo Shit Right,” Skroodle’s 2009 Bigga Rankin-hosted mixtape Certified Hood Vol. 1 and his career took off like a rocket. Now with his latest single “I Wish A Bitch Would” steadily gaining momentum, Skroodle is definitely in line to set his mark with the early 2011 release of his follow-up mixtape Too Much Going On in the City. I feel real good about the love I get around Florida,” Skroodle admits. “I wasn’t even really trying to be the best rapper. But people love my music from the first time they hear it. I didn’t think I’d get this type of response.” Two years ago, Skroodle had just touched down on free ground after serving two calendars on drug charges. Although he had always rapped for fun since he was a kid, he never pursued it as a career. That was until he was behind the wall and had to find a better hustle than the streets. So as soon as he got home, his first priority was to hit the studio. And that’s exactly what he did. He booked a studio, recorded a mixtape and released Certified Hood Vol. 1 within a few months. After his first batch of CDs, demand had grown so much that he was approached by many industry professionals offering him management deals. And before he knew it, the mixtape had caught on like wildfire and much-respected record breaker Bigga Rankin was calling to host. “People have gravitated to me because I keep it real with the streets. I give them what they want to hear, what they need to hear,” he says. In late 2010, he signed management contracts with Coach of 1230 Management and Bigga Rankin, vice-president of Young Jeezy’s label Corporate Thugs Entertainment. Currently, a bidding war of sorts has been waged for Skroodle to sign with one of several labels. And with his latest single “I Wish A Bitch Would” and forthcoming mixtape Too Much Going On in the City on the forefront, it won’t be long before Skroodle's at the top of the pile.




Jamil "King" Paris is one of the newest artist to join Slipnslide Records On Da Grind program. This program has been credited for the launch of artist career's such as Plies, Swazy Baby and Camar aka Mr International. King will be releasing his debut mixtape "King's Place" through the program and looks to find a label that matches his style and ambition. King prides himself on having some of the best lyrics in the game and aims to produce nothing less than a hit everytime he enters the studio. The best quality of King as an artist is that he understand music and what it takes to one day be a multi-platinum recording artist. King is fairly new to the game as he just professionally recorded a song this past summer. Yet, one listen to King's music and you will learn quick that he is no rookie by far. King has been writing music from a very young age but never focused 100% on the craft because of his college football career at the University of Kentucky. He did not start to see music as a profession until he received an email from Slipnslide Records A&R Otha "Vakseen" Davis, inviting him to display his talents in the SNS On Da Grind Program. Look for King to make a mark on the music industry in 2010. King (Jamil Paris) was born and raised in the mean streets of Gifford, Florida in the Victory Park Apartments on 40th Avenue and King Place. Being the son of a King Pin introduced him to a life of money, cars and females at a very young age. He was raised by his grandmother and mother in a home that put God first. But his childhood street influences and growing up in poverty made him want more. His father was never around much do to the lifestyle he chose to live, so with no father at home King decided to let the streets raise him. "All my life I saw nothing but drugs, money, cars, clothes and hoes. So naturally me as a kid watching my oldest brother and every other older male,live that lifestyle, that made me want the same thing. I learned at a very young age to get money. My momma and grandmother worked hard but they couldn't afford to give me name brand this and that. So as I grew up I learned from the streets how to get it off the muscle. The streets taught me alot of lessons about life and those lessons drive me today. My experiences in the streets and what I saw growing up are the biggest influences of my music. Where I'm from if you ain't a real nigga then why are you alive? You aint got to sell drugs to be real, but you got to be true to yourself, take care of your family, and get money BY ANY MEANS." -King

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