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Small Talk with RainKraft - Career-lifting Conversations:RainKraft

Small Talk with RainKraft - Career-lifting Conversations

Small Talk with RainKraft is a pandemic project that outgrew its pandemic status early this year. Let's now look ahead to learning and growing with optimism. Subha, a leadership and executive coach and Hasita, a marketing strategist, invite guests for conversations that will inspire you to know more about a person or an idea or the work people do. Challenge yourself to listen with an open mind and take away a whole lot (or just a little bit) that will get you thinking about your life, the work you do and what you can do to be better every day.


The Damn Good Marketing Podcast:Hasita Krishna

The Damn Good Marketing Podcast

Welcome to The Damn Good Marketing Podcast! Yes, we walked right into that one, so there's nothing else to do, we suppose, but to make these episodes on marketing pretty damn good. Hasita Krishna is a marketing strategist and the founder of Motley Crew. She's best known for introducing comic strips to the world of cybersecurity, creating Spotify playlists involving lathe machines, and other marketing shenanigans that we all need to get up to, but usually don't. Subha C is the founder of RainKraft, and as a business owner, asks the marketing questions that we all want to, but usually don't.

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