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Author: Sarah Putt, MA, OTR/L

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OT 4 Lyfe looks to connect and inspire occupational therapy practitioners of all kinds.

Join us as we go in depth to explore the research, issues, and people that influence the lives of OT students, practitioners, and their clients.

Because for us, occupational therapy is more than just a job.
70 Episodes
Takeaways:Fundamentals transcend practice areasAssumptions can be bad for practiceGoing beyond occupationMentioned Resources: Dr. Rebecca Twinley- The Dark Side of OccupationOccupied Podcast episodeIGTV with KwakuJoin in the Discussion: Answer the Question of the MonthChime in your thoughts on the episodeCatch the full episode:
Kwaku and Sarah discuss:  Normalization of violenceAssumptions of people in prisonHistorical views on wrong doing and punishmentWorking with young offenders (18-21 years old)Reflections on how they got there and where they can go in the future Influence of occupations both positive and negativeSocial context of occupationsThe opportunity of choiceImpact on environment for people in prisonWhat it looks like to work as an OT in prisonThe framework of occupational therapyHow he started working with in the prisonsHis biggest realization working in this settingOT & ChillConnect with KwakuEmail: otandchill@gmail.comInstagram:@otandchillTwitter: @OT_Chill
Question of the Month- What are your favorite occupational therapy resources?Shannen Marie OT: AOTA Tip Sheets, LSVT Global, Seniors Flourish Learning Lab, OT Goal Writing GuideMy Bui: Understood.orgMiranda Rennie: Model Systems Knowledge Translation CenterDanielle Delorenzo: Tools To Grow, Go Noodle, Fun and Function, Lakeshore, Jacks Toy Store, Kissui, Kith, Bal-A-Vis-X, School Based OT/PT Facebook GroupKim Lowack: Harold Blomberg Rhythmic MovementsLauren Burns: OT Potential Club, Seniors Flourish Learning LabTaelormade OT: Instagram accounts- @theotbutterfly, @cotalife, @missjaimeot, @wootherapy and Tools To Grow MembershipJanel Mayne: Sensational Brain Self Regulation courseAlexis Joelle: OT and OTA studentsDebra Bastistella: ProquestSarah Putt: More Resources in the OT 4 Lyfe CommunityLyfer of the MonthBest of Occupational Therapy aka “The BOOT”30 Day Movement ChallengeThe Next Question of the MonthAnswer the question of the month and be eligible to win some OT 4 Lyfe swag: How do you keep your OT brain and materials organized?Leave a voicemail message: a comment in the community:
Takeaways:The rheumatoid arthritis journeyImplications of RA symptoms on all areas of lifeThinking outside the boxCatch the full episode: Join in on the discussion
Cheryl and Sarah discuss: Cheryl’s journey with rheumatoid arthritisAnxiety and mental health considerationsGaslighting in the medical worldThe average diagnosis length for autoimmune diseasesValidation and empowermentDefinition of arthritisMost common symptomsArthritis and IADLsArthritis as a secondary diagnosis“Health enables function”Financial implications of the diagnosisWhy OT is underutilized in addressing arthritisImportant arthritis statisticsResourcesArthritis FoundationArthritis Live Yes PodcastAmerican College of RheumatologyAmerican Rheumatology ProfessionalsLifestyle Redesign at USCYou Are EnoughArthritis LifeGet in touch with Cheryl: Website:
Sarah discusses:Current dementia statistics according to the World Health Organization as of 2019Why this episode was a tough one for herWhat she learned about working in dementia careBrock’s episode with Teaming with Dementia with Brooke GeorgeFinding your passion within the field of occupational therapyImportance of self careRealization of compassion fatigueCatch the full episode: your takeaways and join in the discussion here:
Sarah and Jenna discuss: Realizing that something needed to be done in dementia careHaving hope with a progressive diagnosis Focusing on one client and one familyOccupational deprivation and lack of balanceTeepa Snow- Positive Approach to CareRelationship is top priority Hand-under-hand treatment techniquePartnering with our clients and their caregiversChecking emotions at the doorThe professional and personal impacts of working in dementia care Importance of social supportsCompassion fatigueSuccess storiesImportance of life history for clients, especially those with dementiaAdvice for practitioners working in dementia careAdvice for care partnersJerry videoDementia ResourcesGem States- Teepa SnowMy Past is Now My Future- Lanny ButlerEnsign Dementia Course- Gina Tucker-RoghiGet in touch with Jenna: Website: https://www.connectedcareagingsolutions.comFacebook:
Sarah discusses:Importance of mentorship Small t traumas can be just as impactful Medical conditions, diagnoses, conditions, and injuries can be trauma“Connection before correction”Catch the full episode: share your takeaways from the episode:
Sarah and Taelor discuss: Her realization of traumaDenialFinding self worth Psychological manipulationGaslightingDefinitions of traumaBig T traumas and little t traumasCorrelation between low income and traumaConnection before correctionTrauma sensitive strategiesPersonal and professional experiences of traumaTrauma Resources:OT & Childhood Trauma Cheat Sheet: Levine: Terry: Adverse Childhood Experiences: Childhood Trauma Fact Sheet: Power of a Caring, Consistent Adult: Nadine Burke Harris TED Talk: Deepest Well by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris: Body Keeps the Score by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk: Tigers (documentary): Get in touch with TaelorWebsite: www.taelor-madeot.comInstagram:
Discussion PointsThe importance of communityThe OT Roundtable: Youtube : Lyfe: 4 Lyfe: Month features: coming this month included trauma and dementia careOT Entrepreneur Summit: of the month- What are your go-to/ favorite OT resources?To answer the question of the month and be eligible to win an OT 4 Lyfe t-shirt:Leave a voice message at a comment on my community page at
Dave and Sarah discuss: Volunteering in HaitiWFOT Haiti: Occupational Therapy Association: associated with volunteering, especially abroadHis personal experience with charityEmpowering and educating othersStudent involvement in international volunteer workConan Without Borders:’s Leaders and Legacy Society: path occupational therapyOT/OTA Collaborative Workplace ModelNon-traditional roles as an occupational therapy assistantAOTA Boardroom to Classroom: Connect with Dave:
Joel and Sarah discuss: One tip for someone wanting to be better about their financesBudget is not a 4 letter wordMoney as a tool that is tied to your valuesTracking your spending:Mint- how much money is coming in and where it is goingThe why behind people’s moneyPeace out moneyThe big three: housing, transportation, and foodMinimalism and frugalityThe Minimalist Home book: management as an experimentWhat to do with your savingsInvesting in the stock market, 401ks, real estate, yourselfDebtStudent loans: with a variable incomeResourcesThe Simple Path to Wealth: Will Teach You To Be Rich: Economist: in touch with Joel:Website:
Sarah discusses: The difficulty we have describing our professionWe don’t explain what it is that we doReshaping how we talk about OTBringin’ occupation backStop using practice examplesRename the profession?Use occupational language#happyaprilfoolsday
Sarah discusses:The beginning of when I first started to hear about COVID-19Stories from from friends who live in VeniceCancellation of conferences (i.e: AOTA)The moment that I realized COVID-19 was a big dealCancellation of fieldwork, students, and volunteersWeighing the risks and the unknownsNavigating the changes with my familyDisruption of our typical roles and routinesHaving important conversations while not alarming othersBeing on the same page with my familyReflections of the changes from a business perspectiveKeeping myself, my employee, and our clients and their families safeIsolation and early interventionChallenges and Benefits of TeletherapyMindset during this uncertain timeImportance of routines and structure for mental and physical healthWe are are doing our partAnnouncing “The OT Roundtable” podcast:
Sarah and Mandy discuss: Mandy's sister’s accidentHer experience finding her role within her family as a sister/daughter and healthcare professionalRecognizing the importance of family dynamics in the rehab journeyThe tension she experienced during rehab between expectations and realityHer role between the doctors, nurses, therapists, etc and her familyThe pivotal moment with her sister’s OTNavigating her role from a personal and professional standpointThe ripple effect of traumatic accidents and rehabilitation on familiesKnowing when and how to make appropriate referralsAdvice for therapists working with people & their families who have experienced a brain injuryAdvice for families and caregivers going through an acquired accidentWhere her sister is nowThe one thing she wished she knew during the time of the accident and initial rehab journeyTraumatic Brain Injury: Unmet Support Needs of Caregivers and Families in Florida: FlourishWebsite: seniorsflourish.comPodcast: Lab: you have gone through anything similar, you can email Mandy at: mchamberlain@seniorsflourish.comContact Mandy:Email: mchamberlain@seniorsflourish.comWebsite:
Connie and Sarah discuss: Importance of collaboration between disciplinesThe complexity of working in feeding and swallowingSlowing down in this hyperspeed world to address therapy needsFeeding hacks for sensory kidsConnie’s path into pediatricsHer advice for studentsThe impact that graduate school had on her outlook as a clinicianStudents and the lack of preparedness for real world therapy coming out of schoolHer experience of not feeling supported as a studentSupervisors need to take a step back to figure out where students at in that momentGauging students learning by asking questions as a supervisorHaving a student is not about what they can do for the supervisor, it is more about how the supervisor can help the studentBuilding positive foundations for students through responsible clinical supervisionJust because you are a good clinician, does not mean that you are a good supervisorGetting feedback about what students like/dislike at other fieldwork sites to guide your siteConnie’s book series: Hello Mouth, Hello Hands, and Hello FeetR2D2Resources for Fieldwork Educators: Buy the Hello Series Books: Contact Connie:Email: conniehunt@positivefoundationsforkids.comWebsite: http://www.positivefoundationsforkids.comTwitter:
Michelle and Sarah discuss: When did she notice that there was an issue with diversity and representation within our profession?The 3 V’s: Voice, Visability, and ValidationDiversity extends beyond than just a person’s raceDiversity includes ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc.Diversity is not just about validating the practitioner, but it also has a huge impact on our clientsAbility to establish an immediate connection if you and your client are from similar backgroundsNegative impact on healthcare experiences when there is a difference in cultureThe power of connecting to our clients of the same backgroundHealth disparities because of diversityHealth literacy when working with people to make sure they understand what you are trying to explain to themSuper Duper Handouts: Coalition of Occupational Therapists Advocates for Diversity: Mentorship Program: Chapters: Advocacy & Outreach: Can Be Both: the differences in ourselvesPromoting OT to people outside of our profession and to other professionals that we work withPerfecting our OT elevator speech#YouSee campaign: experience with racism as an OT practitionerHow she feels diversity in the occupational therapy profession has changed since becoming a practitionerLGBTQIA+ resources: she hopes to see in the future in terms of diversity and representation within OT and heathcareContact Michelle:Instagram:
Sarah and Brock discuss: His favorite things about OTHow his podcast Occupied has impacted his own learning: vs Anti-hero theoryImportance of understanding complex theories and how they apply to understand people betterSelf-awareness as a therapistThe great coriander debate“Pot Stir Thursday” on MH4OT: he came to think about things differentlyEmpowering his students to think for themselvesThe fear of failureTaking a step back to realize where you areEpisode with Sarah’s first supervisor- Inspiration, Sensory Integration and Zen with Roxie Fernandez: being in academia has impacted his own view on learningWhere he wants to see the profession of occupational therapy go in the futureBrock’s episode with Professor Gail Whiteford: Brock has learned from podcastingThe episode Brock talks about that pushed him way outside his comfort zone: of Occupational Therapy Podcasts: on Twitter: Brock:Website: http://www.occupiedpodcast.comEmail: brock.cook@me.comTwitter: 
Sarah and Mona discuss: How she incorporates llamas into her OT sessionsWhat other animals she has at her practiceWhy llamas are effective in therapyLlamaFest: animals facilitate verbal and non-verbal communicationIntroducing clients to animals when they are afraid of themThe importance of skilled therapy when using animalsLink to her research article: she got interested in using llamas in therapyUsing llama hair for craftsHow she structures her sessionsOther considerations for using animals in therapyThe interconnectedness of all animalsWebsite: creativetherapycare@gmail.comFacebook:
Sarah and Danielle discuss:Navigating early intervention assessment as a parent and a therapistA blessing and a curse of being an OT going through this processRoles of being a mom, an OT, getting her doctorate, and now being a therapy momThe importance of having a “village”The defining moment that made her seek out helpDevelopmental trajectoriesBeing the first person as an EI OT to tell parents that something is wrongCaregiver dyad and regulationHow having a child in early intervention has impacted her as a therapistParental guiltBeing present in the moment through mindfulnessValue of working with the parents and families in early interventionBeing an expert means being a life long learnerQuestions she had from the mom sideDealing with people staring at our kids when we are out in publicUsing video-taping to facilitate therapy and parental educationOne piece of advice for therapists?Her blog Mornings with an OT Mom: episode on the OT Schoolhouse Podcast: morningswithanotmom@gmail.comInstagram:
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