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Author: Amber Hawley

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For ADHD {and ADHD-ish} business owners who live in Distraction City, with shiny object syndrome, and live life with other tendencies that keep us from doing our best work. You want a sustainable life. A work/home/school/family stability that WORKS, functions on good habits, systems, and approaches that set us up for immeasurable success both personally and professionally.

With a mix of psychology, strategy and support (that only a bestie can give), The podcast formally known as My Biz Bestie aims to make the entrepreneurial journey less lonely and a lot more fun! We cover everything from burnout and overwhelm to ADHD and use strategies to have more ease and success in your business by taking neurodiversity, brain biases and over 16 years of clinical experience working with business owners, executives, and professionals in Silicon Valley to help you have a more fulfilling life and business.

The Easily Distracted Entrepreneur offers business owners support for the emotional side of business. The host Amber Hawley is a licensed therapist, multiple biz owner and former tech industry drop out who works with high-achieving, easily distracted entrepreneurs with mindset & strategies to stop suffering for success.
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Are you good at being a manager? We have the wonderful Casey Gromer, who just might be able to answer all your dreams, on the show to talk with us about taking your business to serving your needs, and encouraging entrepreneurs to make their own business plans. Casey is the founder of SHE-Suite Boutique, and calls herself a Fractional Integrator. Her goal is to help women step out of their day-to-day tasks so that they move into their creativity. Casey is also the host of the Female Founders Breaking Boundaries Podcast where they talk all about supporting other business women. We discussed how you don’t have to be the manager to be the CEO. And that having the right people surround you in your business, those who know how to balance the  company needs and can work with you, not against you, based on skills and strengths. People who can help move your business forward.  Casey gives examples on how your team is going to be a huge part of how you succeed and run your day to day operations. You don’t want to be holding up the progression, you want innovative people who can help you think through the process and be able to take the next steps to elevate your company. There is nothing wrong with who you are and how you want to run your business, Casey shares with us. That just because your description, tasks, plans, etc is different from the traditional format, does not mean that you aren’t doing what is right for you and your company. You don’t need to change anything about how you want to run things as an entrepreneur, you just need to make sure that the path you are following is in the best interest of you and your business. Links & References Amber Hawley Casey Gromer Social Media Amber Hawley on Facebook Amber Hawley on Instagram Amber Hawley on Linkedin Casey Gromer on Facebook Casey Gromer on LinkedIn Female Founders Breaking Boundaries Podcast SHE-Suite Boutique Assessment Special Mentions Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Gretchen Rubin Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Join The Easily Distracted Community today: Facebook Instagram Join the Inner Circle
Happy four year anniversary to the podcast! Business owners are busy, and with tech challenges and life happening all around us there never seems to be enough time in the day. But one of my favorite things about publishing this podcast is the ability to really connect with you and offer you support in getting clarity around what’s important to you at this moment. To celebrate four years with you, this week I’m offering you four of my favorite tools I use in life and business. Some of these tools cross the boundaries between the two, but let’s be real…in entrepreneurship there’s a gradient between the two and we’re often straddling that line! Tune in. And if you haven’t already left a rating and review, that would be great “happy anniversary” gift to the podcast! Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Links and Resources: Facebook Instagram Join the Inner Circle Time Stamps: [2:35] - Adjusting in biz is needed right now [3:40] - Happy 4 years, listeners! [4:25] - Let’s hear from you [4:53] - Some of my favorite books [5:22] - 4 of my favorite tools [5:40] - How the Alexa dot is a business tool [7:55] - A tech solution for ADHD note-takers [10:15] - The best bonus feature in Google calendar [13:42] - The One Thing
Does the thought of creating content for your social media account sound overwhelming? I hear that all the time, entrepreneurs feel that pressure to do all the things but they struggle with social media.    What if you could grow your social media following without feeling the overwhelm of having to do it all? (Because you don’t!)   This week on the podcast, Andréa Jones and I discuss how finding a place on social media to help you grow your business is a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to get to your end goal without sacrificing other parts of your business or your life.    We all know that being a business owner means you are handling many aspects of running your business but you need to remember that social media is a segment of those running parts. Andréa addresses how building content is a learned skill and it takes time to develop, especially if you are trying to build sustainable content. We also talk about being discouraged when comparing your status to other high-level influencers, that each business works differently, and has its own levels of creating content.   About Andréa Jones: Andréa Jones is the social media strategist for passion-led coaches and experts who want to make a difference in the world with their message.   She’s guided her clients and students from stuck to strategic, passion-led powerhouses and visionary thought leaders with her simple approach to social media: “take one little step each day. Build social media savvy overtime.”   Digital business owners around the world flock to her award-winning agency; Thrive Mentorship Program; Savvy Social School; and top-100-rated marketing podcast by the same name — so they can discover how to make their impact on the world with social media (without the overwhelm). And spread their positivity across social platforms.   When she’s not teaching the power and positivity of social media, you can find Andréa at home with her growing family (she welcomes her first child to the world in April of 2022) in picturesque Niagara Falls, Canada. Links and Resources: Brené Brown Savvy Social School Time Stamps: [01:02] – Amber announces this episode’s guest as social media strategist extraordinaire Andréa Jones. [02:02] – Andréa touches on some of the issues with using social media. [4:30] – Amber asks Andréa what advice she would give to the person first using Instagram. [05:28] – Andréa recommends prep time for posts, check-ins, and reviewing progress. [07:59] – Preparing social media content in an hour may be difficult but Andréa answers the question, “how in the world could I do that in an hour?”. [09:00] – Andréa states that it is okay getting a few posts the first time, this is a skill to build & develop. [12:26] – Amber asks for advice on specific approaches for putting out content. [14:03] – Andréa conveys that the storytelling element still needs to be in the post. [16:55] – Many business owners wear multiple hats, and Amber wants to know what social media platform Andréa recommends starting out on. [18:56] – We discover the top two platforms for service-based business owners, right now, as suggested by Andréa. [20:11] – Recapping that part of the purpose for posting is to reach new people. [21:35] – Andréa shares her focus strategy for building referral partnerships. [24:05] – We learn that coming from a genuine place is a great way for relationship networking. [24:32] – Andréa speaks briefly that her favorite clients may not be on social media and that she must be creative in reaching them. [25:20] – Being a content creator on social media is different than being a business owner on social media. [28:27] – Remember, someone like Brené Brown, has a team behind her building her content and that is something to keep in mind. [29:38] – Andréa gives advice for those comparing to others, that figuring out what kind of business owner are and accepting that where you should be [30:35] – Influencer level should not be the expectation, Amber declares, and that is very different from being a business owner and impacting the business. [33:07] – Andréa provides an exercise for the writing piece, of creating posts/content. [34:47] – We acquire information about Andréa’s program, the Savvy Social School, and how to connect with her.
Therapist and wellness consultant Marisol Solarte-Erlacher joins me in this episode to discuss her position as a trauma therapist and her views on trauma, especially amongst women within the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community. Marisol and I met at a thought leadership program, and after getting to know a little bit more about her and the wonderful things that she does, I knew that I had to have her on the podcast! You would probably be hard-pressed to find someone who has not been impacted by trauma in one way or another in their life, but people – especially women – within the BIPOC community tend to have an even extra layer added to that due to societal problems like sexism and systemic racism. There is often extra pressure and responsibility – pressure to be a good representative of and for your community and to be a voice, and taking time to focus on yourself is therefore often seen as selfish. Marisol encourages such people to give themselves permission to take that time to themselves and to not have to constantly be that voice at the table. She and I also talk about how important it is to create space for other people's humanity. That tends to be, in fact, one of the reasons why there is that extra layer of trauma and struggle for BIPOC women because they are so often dehumanized and objectified and consequently don't have that space. They frequently develop further coping mechanisms such as extreme independence, and even though, as Marisol points out, all coping mechanisms are helpful in some way or else we wouldn't use them, there are times when they are unhealthy and not helpful. That's why taking that time to ourselves is so important. I am so excited to have had Marisol on the podcast because this topic is so important and is far too often overlooked. Small decisions that most other people would likely take for granted are exaggerated, causing all of that extra pressure that we talk about in this episode, and it is, again, so important that we address this and talk about it. Be sure to check out Marisol's podcast Resilience and Resistance Podcast and to also be on the lookout for her new podcast Work Trauma Is Real which is launching very soon! Links and Resources Marisol’s Website Resilience and Resistance Podcast Resilience and Resistance Podcast - Instagram Page Bessel van der Kolk M.D. - The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma
I have a super special guest today that I'm pretty dang excited about. I’m joined by the one, the only Dr. Melissa Hall! That is right, my biz bestie is back! (At least for today!) The reason we wanted to do this episode together, besides it being more fun is that we're going to talk about an ADHD strategy for getting things done. And you know, both of us have ADHD. We specialize in ADHD. We love supporting our ADHD community. So if you're about to tune out because you don't have ADHD, do not worry. The strategy actually works for everyone and it can be really helpful, but it's particularly helpful for all of our neuro-diverse peeps out there. Today we are doing a deep dive on body doubling.   Body Doubling is one of those things that sounds so simple but it is a really great strategy. It may have been something that you are already doing and not even aware of it.   I actually just kind of intuitively did this without knowing that I was doing this well before I understood, or even before I knew I had ADHD or that this strategy is actually a thing. We're going to talk about different ways to utilize the strategy and kind of our experience of things that do work and don't work so well. We go into what is Body Doubling, how to structure it, what can make it not as effective and why we think you should give it a shot. (It's research based ya'll). If you want to try it out with a pro, head on over to to learn all about the Inner Circle where we cowork EVERY month. Dr. Maelisa Hall is a licensed psychologist, nail design enthusiast, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. Through her business QA Prep, she empowers therapists through trainings and consultation on clinical documentation. Maelisa focuses on the “why” behind the usual recommendations and encourages clinicians to think outside the box, while also keeping their ethics intact. A true ENFP, Maelisa aims to make sure all of her endeavors are meeting a need in the community while also allowing for plenty of laughter and fun. Website/Business Links:  QA Prep  Social Media Links:  Instagram @maelisahall  LinkedIn  QA Prep YouTube Channel  Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join The My Biz Bestie Community today: My Biz Bestie Facebook Let's Connect on Instagram
If you have been around me in the past few months you would have heard me singing the praises of my favorite new show! I have been telling EVERYONE and I do mean everyone about it. From parents at my daughters soccer games, to people at stores, my esthetician and all my friends and family. I’m obsessed! And for good reason, it's a fresh and much needed bringer of joy and love show called Ted Lasso.  I can’t get enough. Literally. I have watched the premiere 10 episodes so many times I can’t even count. It was suggested to me by a friend when I was having one of those particularly rough days that happen in entrepreneurship and it was leading me to an existential crisis of sorts.  She gave me kind support and then suggested that I watch the show. It was 9pm and I immediately found it on AppleTV and started watching. I watched straight through all 10 episodes. Sitting in bed with my ipad and headset. My husband came in and went to sleep and I kept watching and finished at 3:30 in the morning. I laughed and I cried and I felt renewed. I had faith in humanity again and I felt inspired to do my best and be my best.  Seriously, it was the best pep-talk ever! I have so many favorite moments that I think speak to leadership, striving to be the best, having goals that can at times feel like they defy the odds but there is one that occurs in episode 2 that I think every entrepreneur should have in their arsenal. Ted Lasso delivers his charmingly unique brand of coaching, and a brilliantly simple strategy for keeping your head straight in business when things go wrong.  AND THEY WILL! Ted: “You know what the happiest animal on earth is?”  Sam: “No” Ted: “A goldfish, you know why? Because it has a 10 second memory. Be a goldfish, Sam.” When you make a mistake yes you should try to rectify the situation if possible, be honest, be accountable but without a doubt BE A GOLDFISH! Let the weight of the emotion leave you, don’t go down a shame spiral but acknowledge and move on. Give yourself ten seconds to feel bad then move forward as the badass biz owner that you know you are.  Now I know that sometimes our missteps can have bigger consequences or hit us in a particularly vulnerable area or time so maybe we need more than ten seconds, maybe we need fifteen minutes or an hour or a day. Allow yourself to feel those feelings but then move forward.   Don’t let mistakes define who you are or what you think about yourself. Then you can try to repair the situation and make any changes necessary to your approach or your systems.  So my strategy and hope for you this week is to be a goldfish! If you feel like you could use some extra support about dealing with the emotional side of business such as mindset, overwhelm, adhd and burnout then head on over to to find more resources and ways to work with me. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join The My Biz Bestie Community today: My Biz Bestie Facebook Let's Connect on Instagram
In today's episode I share a story about getting unstuck, making changes and doing something that felt scary. Which included an important announcement about the podcast. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » If you are someone who would like some extra support with staying focused on what matters in your business head on over to for more information on the monthly membership.
If you’re passionate about getting your thoughts and ideas out there to the world so you can help others, then you, my friend, are a thought leader. But what does that look like, in practice? With public speaking being the number one fear of humans, and the online space making speaking up feel very vulnerable, many thought leaders hold back their message or don’t share it to the scope that they could. This week on the podcast, Carol Cox and I talk about how to get past that fear through community and taking little steps toward your bigger message. Because you don’t have to have it all figured out from day one. Your message can and should evolve as you learn more and grow. Carol shares how to find your own thought leadership message, where to get started, and why your message doesn’t necessarily have to tie to what you do in business. About Carol Cox: Carol Cox is the founder and CEO of Speaking Your Brand®,  a coaching and training company that helps high-performing, purpose-driven women entrepreneurs and professionals create their signature talks and thought leadership platforms. Carol is the host of the weekly 5-star rated Speaking Your Brand® podcast and during election seasons serves as a Democratic political analyst on TV news. Carol was named as one of Orlando's Women of the Year in 2021 and has been featured in Forbes. Through her company and content, her mission is to empower more women to find and use their voice, to tell the stories that need to be told, and to activate ideas for change. Connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Instagram. Links and Resources: Thought Leader Academy Time Stamps: [2:06] - A magical summit [4:10] - Amber’s dream job: emcee [5:52] - What is thought leadership [6:45] - Existential crises among business owners [7:15] - Making a shift from in-person talks being canceled [8:18] - How thought leaders propel themselves [9:35] - This is an opportunity to reevaluate what you’re working toward and how you’re defining success [11:22] - Standing in your truth of what you believe [13:16] -Developing bravery to put yourself out there [13:40] - Being courageous and in community [16:24] - Where to start with thought leadership  [18:43] - The three hats of biz owners [20:08] - Thought leaders are like therapists  [21:24] - Overcoming the fear of putting ourselves out there [24:17] - How to avoid the vulnerability hangover [28:33] - Public speaking is the #1 fear  [29:23] - Not everyone is a thought leader [32:21] - How to start identifying what you want to talk about [35:44] - The threads in Amber’s life [38:00] - Benefit of thought leadership that’s different from your business  
It can be tempting to just surround yourself with the people whose company you enjoy, but from an HR perspective, you need to take some things into consideration to ensure that you’re hiring for fit.    This week on the podcast, HR consultant Niki Ramirez and I walk through some of these hiring considerations that are extremely important but all too frequently overlooked. We talk about how your recruitment process is seen by everyone--your clients, prospective clients, competitors--and why you need to keep an eye on your mission, vision, and values. I share my current hiring process and how I test to make sure a candidate is a good culture fit, and Niki shares why hiring someone who is a culture stretch can benefit your business.   Whether you’re a small business owner who’s in the process of looking for their first hire or a more established company that wants to review the previous additions to your team, now is a good time to learn how to navigate the world of hiring and HR compliance. Listen in as Niki shares some great tips on everything from making job descriptions to interviewing short-listed prospects. Plus, learn how you can get hold of her HR checklist that can be useful for your prospecting efforts!   About Niki Ramirez: Niki Ramirez is an industry expert and certified human resource professional with over 20 years of successful experience in leadership and human resources management. She has taken what she learned in Fortune 500 HR and created an impactful and practical approach to balancing HR in small businesses that focuses on both employees’ and employer’s needs.   Central to everything that she does is the belief that all success that is accomplished is through the dedication and efforts of great employees. Niki is a firm believer in the powers of collaboration and communication. She carries with her a strong desire to empower employers and their employees to work in partnership to design and implement meaningful workplace and human resources programs rooted in collaboration, respect, trust and open communication.   Niki’s ultimate goal is to create a positive ripple in the world, through her unique approach to human resources. Niki’s professional background includes serving in operational management and leadership roles, as a corporate human resources consultant, as well as community college adjunct faculty, and a human resources executive. In addition to her three HR professional certifications, Niki is bi-lingual in Spanish/English, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from Arizona State University, and an MBA in HR Management from the University of Phoenix.   Links and Resources: HR Answers Instagram – HR Answers Join the Inner Circle Time Stamps: [2:14] - Best practices when hiring [2:33] - Are you situated to be an employer [3:43] - Interviewing and selection [4:05] - Communicating values when recruiting and everyone will see that [5:15] - Start consistent messaging during recruitment [7:10] - How to share recruitment is a big piece of the process [9:33] - So many parts of the hiring process [10:52] - Amber’s current hiring process [14:01] - Create additional points of data for employee profile [16:06] - Series of screening questions in writing before first phone interview [18:16] - Questions to determine if candidates align with mission, vision, values [22:10] - Use interview to develop a potential relationship [23:47] - Benefits of collecting an employment application [27:46] - Only hire the “hell yes” candidates [29:28] - Be consistent in your process [30:11] - As part of the interview process, do this top secret thing [34:16] - There are things you can’t ask about [37:43] - Develop your questions in a way that allows for open conversation [40:35] - How to use checklists during interviews so you can have a better interview flow [42:16] - Amber’s strategy for finding a good cultural fit [45:07] - Your brain runs with an operating system; Niki’s is HR compliant [50:10] - Bring up potential deal-breakers with prospective employee
  In today's episode, Amber is joined by her dear friend Edwin Ruiz, a filmmaker, live streaming event producer, and all-around Renaissance man. Edwin shares his personal journey as a neurodivergent business owner, offering a unique perspective on harnessing neurodivergent strengths for success. With his tech background and love for problem-solving, Edwin's story highlights the power of embracing one's neurospiciness and finding fulfillment in constantly evolving challenges. His ability to dive deep into subjects, make connections, and create innovative solutions showcases the creativity and innovation that can arise from neurodivergence. Join Amber and Edwin as they delve into the world of neurodivergence and discover how to leverage these strengths in business. Connect with Edwin Here: Connect with Amber Here: The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:01:11 - Finishing the Year Strong 00:02:10 - Edwin's Story 00:06:00 - ADHD Flavor of Life 00:09:18 - Neurospiciness 00:16:11 - The Temptation of Knowledge Hoarding 00:17:27 - Learning through Observation 00:19:08 - Learning Preferences and Technology 00:22:02 - The Power of a Diverse Community 00:23:01 - Balancing Learning and Business Responsibilities 00:32:06 - The Value of Learning from Others' Stories 00:32:40 - Judging Our Value Based on Output 00:33:23 - Consistency and Identifying What's Important 00:34:52 - The Potential of AI in Problem Solving 00:39:41 - Finding Joy in Personal Problem Solving 00:48:50 - Explaining Tech Jobs to Children 00:49:19 - Trusting the Process 00:50:11 - ADHD as a Superpower 00:51:10 - Finding Your Own Way in Entrepreneurship 00:52:57 - Honoring Biorythms and Setting Boundaries 01:05:10 - The Importance of Neurodivergent Individuals 01:05:29 - Ways to Connect with the Guest 01:06:01 - Appreciating Neurodiversity
Ever wondered what's truly holding you back from financial success? Meet Hilary Hendershot, the financial planner whose unexpected twist on overcoming limiting beliefs about money will leave you speechless. In a world where scarcity mentality reigns, Hilary challenges entrepreneurs to unravel their deeply held beliefs about money and embrace abundance. But here's the twist: it's not just about changing your mindset. Hilary reveals the secret to achieving greater financial success lies in understanding the inputs and outputs of your business. Are you ready to break free from your limiting beliefs and unlock the path to financial freedom? In this episode, you will be able to: Discover the power of a positive money mindset and change your beliefs about wealth to attract financial success. Learn the importance of financial planning and how it can help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals. Analyze your profitability and leverage data to make informed decisions that drive the growth of your business. Plan for a secure retirement as an entrepreneur and ensure a comfortable future for yourself and your loved ones. Overcome your limiting beliefs about money and unlock your full potential for financial abundance and freedom. My special guest is Hilary Hendershot Hilary Hendershot, the CEO of Hendershot Wealth Management and the host of Profit, Boss Radio, is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to all things money. Her no-nonsense and straight-talking approach to finances is both refreshing and inspiring. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Hilary has become a go-to resource for entrepreneurs looking to overcome their limiting beliefs about money and achieve financial success. Her ability to break down complex financial concepts into simple and actionable steps makes her advice highly practical and accessible. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, Hilary's insights and expertise will undoubtedly leave you feeling empowered and ready to conquer any financial challenge. Tune in to this episode of The Easily Distracted Entrepreneur and prepare to be motivated by Hilary Hendershot's wisdom and passion for helping entrepreneurs thrive financially. Connect with Hilary Here: Register for the free Perfect Work Week Workshop The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:05:09 - Money Mindset 00:07:32 - Money Operating Systems 00:09:44 - Unraveling Money Beliefs 00:12:17 - Confirmation Bias 00:14:53 - The Vanity Number Conspiracy 00:16:04 - Using Data to Make Strategic Choices 00:18:36 - The Importance of Profit Generating Activities 00:19:48 - Being Strategic as the CEO 00:21:25 - Simplifying Financial Analysis with Profit First 00:29:11 - "The Balancing Act of Pleasing Others" 00:29:47 - "The Importance of Having a Budget" 00:31:09 - "The Need for Financial Success in Business" 00:33:09 - "The Lack of Retirement Preparation" 00:36:47 - "The Importance of Saving and Planning for Retirement" 00:44:22 - The Power of Words 00:45:06 - Affirmations and Personal Growth 00:46:27 - Unconventional Routes to Wealth 00:46:59 - Self-Reflection and Uncovering Limiting Beliefs 00:48:37 - Acquiring Financial Skills
  Unleash marketing therapy with Jen McFarland as she passionately guides entrepreneurs through the ironies of approachability and understanding, igniting their goal to connect with their audience while overcoming the conflict of marketing challenges. In this episode, you will be able to: Master marketing strategies to boost your business success. Gain a competitive edge with valuable customer feedback in SEO. Harness local marketing and community engagement for organic growth. Open the door to easily accessible marketing resources for entrepreneurs. Enhance approachability and understanding in your marketing efforts. My special guest is Jen McFarland Jen McFarland is the CEO and principal consultant at Women Conquer Business, a small business marketing consultancy. With her background in tech and her expertise in translating complex concepts into relatable language, Jen is a master at making SEO approachable and understandable for business owners. She has a knack for breaking down the intimidating aspects of SEO and helping entrepreneurs see the importance of investing in their online presence. Jen's ability to bridge the gap between technical knowledge and practical application has made her a sought-after speaker and educator in the marketing industry. Her relatable and down-to-earth approach makes her a valuable resource for entrepreneurs looking to improve their marketing strategies. You can connect with Jen here: The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:39 - Transitioning to September 00:02:21 - Join the GSD Incubator 00:03:00 - Upcoming Workshops 00:04:42 - Introducing Jen McFarland 00:06:42 - Simplifying SEO 00:14:28 - The Importance of Listening to Testimonials 00:15:22 - Using Keywords to Enhance SEO 00:16:37 - Mapping Keywords to the Sales Funnel 00:18:28 - The Future of AI in SEO 00:20:41 - Overcoming Content Overlap Concerns 00:27:50 - Importance of Business Name 00:28:12 - Not Everyone is Your Ideal Client 00:28:41 - Overcoming Fear of Backlash 00:29:32 - Counterculture Marketing 00:30:26 - Marketing Confusion for Small Business Owners 00:41:26 - Importance of SEO for Websites 00:43:11 - Outdated SEO Advice 00:44:59 - Google Business Profile and SEO 00:46:10 - Marketing and SEO 00:47:52 - Regular Website Checkups 00:55:00 - The Importance of Listening in SEO 00:56:00 - SEO as Possibilities and Passion 00:57:26 - Show Up Consistently in Your Local Community 00:58:41 - Overcoming Self-Limitations 01:02:06 - Unexpected Opportunities 01:08:38 - The Value of the Conversation 01:09:11 - Contacting Jen McFarland 01:10:15 - Jen McFarland's YouTube Presence 01:10:50 - Time or Money 01:10:56 - Gratitude and Farewell
Entrepreneurial leader, Jen Hope, battles overwhelm and societal expectations to reclaim her well-being and lead with fierce self-care in a world that demands her constant hustle. In this episode, you will be able to: Explore the potential of conscious leadership in individuals suffering from ADHD. Realize the significance of personal care as an integral part of entrepreneurial success. Learn how to sustain a balance between personal life and professional duties. Gain insight into the demanding aspects of team management and providing insightful feedback. Create a cascading set of habits aimed at boosting your leadership skills and productivity. Bright and brimming with insights, Jen Hope is an executive and leadership coach who has carved a niche for herself among impactful startup leaders. Her passion doesn't end at simply guiding leaders but extends to ensuring they help build a safe environment for female and neurodivergent individuals in their organizations. Jen effectively combines strategy and empathy, making her approach personalized and impactful. With a dedication for mental health advocacy, she adds another layer of depth to her work. Through her coaching, leaders are able to regulate their emotions more effectively, creating waterfall habits – leading to overall growth and success. The key moments in this episode are: 00:03:07 - Introduction, 00:04:05 - Defining Leadership, 00:08:19 - Challenges of Leadership, 00:10:49 - Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, 00:12:41 - Emotional Regulation, 00:15:17 - The Personal Challenges of Owning a Business, 00:18:07 - The Parenting Analogy, 00:19:46 - The Difficulty of Balancing Leadership and Personal Well-being, 00:22:59 - Seasonality and Planning, 00:25:27 - Planning as Self-Care, 00:29:58 - The Power of Experimentation 00:33:39 - The Importance of Bandwidth for Leadership 00:37:23 - Small Ways of Taking Care of Yourself 00:38:51 - Carving Out Time for Self-Reflection 00:39:43 - Overcoming the "No Time" Mindset 00:44:39 - The realization of needing to let something go, 00:45:37 - Giving oneself permission to prioritize, 00:47:31 - The benefits of planning with someone else, 00:48:08 - Recognizing dread in the upcoming week, 00:51:19 - Showing up at your best as an entrepreneur Jen Hope is an executive and leadership coach for startup leaders. With a background as the Vice President of Marketing for multiple high-growth startup companies, Jen understands the complexity of startup leadership. She leverages data and evidence-based tools that accelerate growth and scale individual and collective leadership. Connect with Jen: WEBSITE: Hey Jen Hope Facebook   Instagram LinkedIn  --------------------------------------------------- Are you interested in having your highest revenue month ever? Do you want to start that more leveraged income stream? Are you ready to accomplish that big goal you have been talking about forever? The next cohort of the Incubator is currently enrolling and you're invited. Get more information here:
In a world where conformity seemed to reign, Kierra Jones dared to be different. Little did she know that her uniqueness would become her greatest strength. As she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, she discovered an unexpected twist that transformed her entire perspective. What was this twist that empowered her to create a thriving business and find fulfillment? Stay tuned to find out how embracing her authenticity led to a remarkable journey of success and self-discovery. Embrace Unique Qualities Embracing your unique qualities is a fundamental aspect of entrepreneurship. This refers to acknowledging and leveraging your distinct characteristics, skills, and perspectives in how you conduct your business. Doing so not only creates a brand that authentically represents you but also fosters an environment where your business can thrive and stand out from the rest. In this episode, you will be able to: Explore the role of your distinct traits in shaping your business realm. Learn to handle feelings of not being enough, transforming them into stepping stones for growth and knowledge. Acknowledge the fleeting nature of imposter energy - a strategy for maintaining your composure amidst chaos. Take control of your professional domain, understanding the importance of being seen and heard. Delve into the process of instilling self-reliance and the simplification of business proposals, climbing the ladder of entrepreneurship. Timestamped summary of this episode: 00:00:02 - Missing Recording Snafu, The conversation starts with a discussion about a recording mishap where the guest's Adderall shortage caused a distraction. Despite the setback, they express excitement about the upcoming discussion. 00:01:08 - Embracing Distractions as an Entrepreneur, The guest discusses the challenges of being a distracted entrepreneur and how she manages distractions in her workspace. They highlight the importance of adapting to unexpected interruptions and embracing the flexibility of the entrepreneurial life. 00:04:06 - Finding Connection Through Visibility, The conversation shifts to the topic of visibility and how it relates to feeling like an outsider. They emphasize the value of connecting with like-minded individuals and the validation that comes from finding your tribe in the online space. 00:07:26 - Embracing Differences and Contributing, They discuss the importance of embracing and valuing differences in the entrepreneurial world. They touch on imposter syndrome and how it can be overcome by recognizing the unique contributions each individual brings to the table. 00:10:56 - Embracing Continuous Learning, The guest shares a powerful insight about the importance of continuous learning and growth as experts in their fields. Embracing the mindset of co-creation and understanding that there is always more to learn can lead to greater success and fulfillment. 00:15:16 - Mindset and Strategy in Business, The conversation shifts to the mindset and strategy required in entrepreneurship. The guest talks about the importance of embracing the evolution of one's message and recognizing that triggers and challenges may resurface at different stages of business. 00:18:08 - Letting Go of Control, The guest shares her insights on surrendering and letting go of control in various aspects of life, such as relationships and weight loss journeys. She encourages entrepreneurs to do their part but also recognize when they need to trust the process and surrender to external factors. 00:20:32 - Accepting the Flow of Business, The hosts discuss the challenges of launching and how unexpected opportunities can arise. They emphasize the importance of accepting and appreciating the blessings that come along, even if they don't align with the initial plans. 00:23:25 - Building Trust in Business, The conversation concludes with a discussion on building trust in business by aligning offers with one's values and message. The guest shares her experience of initially having multiple offers but realizing the importance of focusing on aligned offerings for success. 00:25:19 - Making Decisions and Trusting Yourself, Kierra discusses the importance of making decisions based on what feels right and letting go of unnecessary offers. She emphasizes the need to trust in oneself and limit the number of offers to avoid distractions. Trust is a key component of personal and business growth, and it evolves over time. 00:26:16 - Balancing Business and Life, Kierra reminds entrepreneurs to not forget about their personal lives and relationships while focusing on their businesses. Trust is not limited to just the business realm, but also extends to other aspects of life, such as relationships and self-care. Expanding and evolving trust allows for a more holistic approach to success. 00:27:28 - Selling with Confidence and Joy, Kierra shares her experience of selling clothes on Poshmark and how it brought her joy. She encourages women to embrace their power in sales and monetizing their gifts without feeling shame. Selling is not just limited to business but can also be seen in various aspects of life. 00:28:50 - Valuing Your Worth, Kierra highlights the importance of recognizing and valuing one's worth in business. She challenges the belief that something that comes easy should be devalued and encourages embracing the ease and natural talent one possesses. Monetizing one's gifts and expertise is not something to be ashamed of. 00:34:22 - Redefining Success on Your Terms, Kierra discusses the societal expectations placed on women in business and challenges the notion that 00:37:20 - The Importance of Embracing "No", Kierra emphasizes that receiving a "no" in sales is normal and beautiful, as it means the person is not ready or aligned with the offering. The key is to not feel shame or take it personally, but rather honor the decision and wait until the right time comes. 00:38:07 - Creating a Safe Space for Decision-Making, Kierra shares a sales tip of setting the expectation of making a decision during the sales conversation. She emphasizes that it's safe to say no and that she is unattached to the outcome. This allows clients to feel empowered and make a decision that aligns with their truth. 00:39:13 - Being Financially and Emotionally Ready, Kierra discusses the importance of clients being both financially and emotionally ready for a program or service. She shares an example of a client who paused her program to finish making payments, highlighting the client's self-awareness and dedication to fully commit without financial stress. 00:40:18 - Honoring the Decision to Wait, Kierra explains that if a person is not ready for the support and transformation being offered, it's better to wait until they are ready. She emphasizes the importance of letting go with honor and staying connected, offering resources and support until the person is ready to work together. 00:44:26 - Embracing Fun in Business, Kierra encourages entrepreneurs to have fun in their business, as it allows them to show up more 00:48:46 - The Importance of Having Fun, Kierra discusses the importance of having fun and how it can impact our work and overall well-being. She shares that sometimes the magic we give to others can be the stuck point for us in certain areas. It's important to bring fun into all aspects of our lives, especially in areas where we feel stuck or resistant. 00:49:51 - Up-leveling Fun, Kierra emphasizes that bringing more fun into our lives doesn't mean starting from scratch or being at the bottom. It's about up-leveling the fun we already have and finding ways to enjoy ourselves in every situation. This can lead to greater flow and success in our work and personal lives. 00:50:54 - Creating a Safe Space, Kierra acknowledges the importance of creating a safe space for open conversations and reflection. She expresses her appreciation for Amber's podcast and the space it provides for meaningful discussions. Having a safe space allows for the co-creation of powerful energy and ideas between individuals. 00:51:42 - Being Supported and Taking Care of Ourselves, Kierra talks about the importance of being supported in our own magic and taking care of ourselves. Just as we extend ourselves for others, we deserve to be served and taken care of as well. Seeking support from others who can provide a different perspective is crucial in gaining a more balanced and robust understanding of ourselves and our situations. 00:53:20 - Learning and Growth, Amber expresses her gratitude for the conversation Kierra Jones is a Sales Messaging & Mindset Coach and Speaker who helps upleveling, impact driven women entrepreneurs step into the next level sales messaging & mindset they need to show up & sell their programs & services more powerfully, purposefully, and profitably so they stop giving their expertise away for pennies! --------------------------------------------------- Are you interested in having your highest revenue month ever? Do you want to start that more leveraged income stream? Are you ready to accomplish that big goal you have been talking about forever? The next cohort of the Incubator is currently enrolling and you're invited. Get more information here:
Does this sound familiar? You've been told to chase after every shiny object that promises success in your entrepreneurial journey. But here's the painful truth: despite your efforts, you're still struggling to stay focused and achieve your business goals. It's time to break free from this ineffective action that only leaves you overwhelmed and unfulfilled. Discover the approach that will save you from shiny objects and give you the authentic visibility you need to thrive in your business. In this episode, you will be able to: Uncover solutions to dilemmas faced by entrepreneurs while trying to attract prospective clients. Realize your power as a resource in your field and leverage your expertise effectively. Appreciate the role of clear messaging and strong delivery in drawing followers. Discover the path to transitioning between professions and embracing uncertainty confidently. Carve your own stage and learn how to strengthen bonds with your audience. My special guest is Amanda Berlin Let's welcome Amanda Berlin, a passionate PR and visibility consultant adept at helping entrepreneurs who are excellent at what they do but struggle to get the exposure they deserve. Amanda works wonders with her clients, leveraging the power of public relations to broaden their reach and grow their businesses organically. With an impressive career spanning over 23 years, Amanda's approach to PR is rooted in timeless, relationship-driven tactics rather than fleeting trends. Her mantra is about establishing authentic visibility, eschewing the idea of chasing the latest shiny objects in favor of cultivating meaningful connections and partnerships. Get more information at:  Instagram: LinkedIn:  
New technology possesses an undeniable allure, especially for those of us with ADHD. When we find something intriguing, we tend to dive headfirst into it, immersing ourselves and becoming experts in the subject. That is in our nature but it doesn’t always serve us. When you are looking to add new technology or software solutions to your business do you spend hours (that you didn’t intend to) researching and likely not getting done you were supposed to be doing only to: Not end up changing your software because you just didn't finish your research Pay for something and then not ever implementing it  Change your tech but not utilizing it fully Say goodbye to wasted time and resources, and say hello to unparalleled productivity and effectiveness. In this episode, I will provide you with actionable tips for adopting an intentional approach, transforming your journey from a never-ending rabbit hole to a truly rewarding experience.
Impact of All or Nothing Thinking For entrepreneurs, all-or-nothing thinking reflects in areas such as time management, task prioritization, and perfectionism. This mindset can lead to a constant battle with scheduling disruptions, forgetting tasks, and dealing with an overload of responsibilities. Moreover, the pursuit of perfection can become a hindrance, either by demanding specific conditions before embarking on a task, or needing tasks to be perfect before presenting them to the world. Amber discusses the impacts of this mindset in the world of business, pinpointing perfectionism as a common stumbling block for entrepreneurs with ADHD. She talks about 'front end' and 'back end' perfectionism that puts unnecessary pressure and hampers progress. She also touches on the effects of this pattern on executive functioning, leading to struggles with time management, task prioritization, and back-to-back commitments. The Incubator is not open and accepting applications: Space is limited to 10 people so apply now.
Lexi Soulios is a therapist and growth strategist who helps leaders clear stubborn patterns so they can reach their next-level business, relationship, and life goals. Over the past 20 years, she has supported thousands of clients and students across five continents – including NY Times best-selling authors, C-suite executives, celebrity families, leading business coaches, and renowned healers. Lexi’s work has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Bustle Magazine, Thrive Global, and OMTimes. Find out more about Lexi: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website: h Connect with me: Instagram: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Website:
Ky Westcott, an East Coast boy with a West Coast heart, embarks on a neurospicy journey to come to terms with his ADHD, high functioning anxiety, and depression while discovering the power of negotiation and knowledge to overcome his mental health challenges. In this episode we discuss: How to navigate and manage mental health with neurodivergence, particularly in the black community. The importance of validating one's own feelings and emotions, and how to apply that knowledge in the future. The power of working with your brain, focused attention, and excitement in achieving extraordinary results. Kai Westcott is a mental health humorist, director, digital creator, writer, and producer. He has been documenting his neurospicy journey for the past year and uses his social media platforms and website to share his journey and lend his platforms to other people. If you love hearing about people’s journey’s you might like these other interviews in the “My Neurodivergent Brain” series. Find out more about The Vibe With Ky: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website: Connect with me: Instagram: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: LinkedIn: Website: Loved this episode? Share it with a friend. Chapter Summaries: [00:00:49] Ky Westcott is a mental health humorist, a director, a digital creator, writer, producer. He is also the person that introduced me to the term neurospic. Anything to do with mental health or entertainment or social media, kai's your guy. Listen to the actual interview. [00:04:25] The Vibe with kai has been documenting his neurospicy journey for the past year. Kai has all three ADHD, high functioning anxiety and severe depression. He loves inviting mental health professionals onto his platform to give out their insight. [00:06:27] I didn't even find out until I was 41 that I had ADHD. Now that I have a better understanding of a lot of it, I realize that I'm thankful that it did happen. I don't know what kind of person I would be today if it weren't for my journey. [00:12:24] There is not a lot of research behind black people and mental health. For so many people of color, what they're going through is discounted. There's tons of misdiagnoses that are happening to this day because there's just no research behind it. [00:16:57] I think it's also we're experts in ourselves, right? We know our particular, like how we do things. Sometimes we need help seeing those patterns or getting unstuck. And so when so I know it's only been a year, I'm actually surprised. [00:17:44] How does ADHD how has it challenged you? How is it a challenge? And then how have you adapted the way you do business or the way that you do projects to deal with that? [00:25:12] Kai: Your feelings, your thoughts are always down. You are feeling that way for a reason. What you have to do then is figure out what you're going to do with those thoughts in those fields. When you can do that, you can validate other people's feelings. [00:28:20] One of the most positive things in having ADHD is like the creativity. When you hyper focus, like you said, that's where the magic happens. I try to use my hyper focus to my advantage because one of the things that I've been really pushing myself to do is to live in the moment. [00:34:56] 100%. As a virgo and somebody who my ADHD is called Over Focused, that organization gives me calm. At work, I was often reluctant to do things that I knew I should be doing. The more we understand ourselves and how our brains work, it can be so freeing. [00:41:39] Amber: At what age does it seem kind of messed up that I still pull all nighters to get stuff done?  Ky: I find that balance because there are lots of reasons why it's not good and it's unhealthy. When I'm finding this balance, I don't fight it. [00:46:16] I want to always add some sort of levity to the conversation about mental health because it is such a very serious thing. I just want people to be able to watch my stuff and just know that they're not alone. We shouldn't be afraid to talk about it. [00:53:03] Amber: What advice would you give to somebody struggling with feeling like they're not good enough? Ky: Your feelings are valid. Once you fully recognize that you can do anything that you want, the possibilities are endless. Where is the best place for people to connect with you?  
We all need a pep talk from time to time. You are worthy, sometimes business and life is a slog and it doesn't mean anything about you or your value. In the words of Dory, "Just Keep Swimming."   This week only, grab a year of support for only $777.    
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