DiscoverThe Easily Distracted Entrepreneur102. Forge Your Own Path with Casey Gromer
102. Forge Your Own Path with Casey Gromer

102. Forge Your Own Path with Casey Gromer

Update: 2021-10-29


Are you good at being a manager? We have the wonderful Casey Gromer, who just might be able to answer all your dreams, on the show to talk with us about taking your business to serving your needs, and encouraging entrepreneurs to make their own business plans.

Casey is the founder of SHE-Suite Boutique, and calls herself a Fractional Integrator. Her goal is to help women step out of their day-to-day tasks so that they move into their creativity. Casey is also the host of the Female Founders Breaking Boundaries Podcast where they talk all about supporting other business women.

We discussed how you don’t have to be the manager to be the CEO. And that having the right people surround you in your business, those who know how to balance the  company needs and can work with you, not against you, based on skills and strengths. People who can help move your business forward. 

Casey gives examples on how your team is going to be a huge part of how you succeed and run your day to day operations. You don’t want to be holding up the progression, you want innovative people who can help you think through the process and be able to take the next steps to elevate your company.

There is nothing wrong with who you are and how you want to run your business, Casey shares with us. That just because your description, tasks, plans, etc is different from the traditional format, does not mean that you aren’t doing what is right for you and your company. You don’t need to change anything about how you want to run things as an entrepreneur, you just need to make sure that the path you are following is in the best interest of you and your business.

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102. Forge Your Own Path with Casey Gromer

102. Forge Your Own Path with Casey Gromer