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“Anger is the response, when attachment doesn’t get what it wants,” says our guest the Venerable Robina Courtin. This week, Robina helps the guys understand what the Buddha can teach us about mental health and our views of the world around us.  The Buddha was an expert of the mind. The mind being the cognitive process of learning about our thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Via self awareness and mindfulness we can start to unpack ourselves and that’s when the real work begins.  We can mold our minds into any form we choose. We spend our lives often changing the outside in order to make us feel good on the inside.  Learning to reinterpret all that happens  allows us to reconfigure the way we see the world.  We must learn to observe all the thoughts and take back our power in order to be in charge of our lives. The Buddha helps us see, this is possible. You may not be able to change the outside, but you can change the inside. The first step is for you to believe it’s possible. Your body and your speech are the servants of your mind, not the other way around.  You can’t change anyone but yourself. No more mindless headlock.  The Venerable Robina Courtin has been an ordained nun of the Mahayana Tradition since 1978. You can find Robina Courtin  be  at the links below: Thanks for listening to Above Ground Podcast Until next week, get well, be safe, stay Above
Beneath the Remains

Beneath the Remains


There are wreckages in life, that can leave us angry, frustrated and bitter. Healing, often leaves us with more questions than answers. Before we know it, we are buried under the weight and desperate to exhume what’s left of ourselves. We need a path to get us out from Beneath the Remains. Where do we start digging through the events, feelings and traumas that leave us feeling unable to get us looking for the shovel? We often need a catalyst to act as a detonator to blast open our hearts and minds. Much of the debris is left from childhood and patterns of behavior and pain. Our unconscious minds will often shut us down in times of severe trauma to shield us.  Beneath the Remains is where you may be right now. You don't have to stay there. One by one move the rocks, throw the dirt and build a brand new structure. It will take time, it will take strength, it will take moving forward. It will create light, it will create a new village.  This past Saturday was NIpperFest 2022. We met amazing people, had wonderful conversations and hopefully we made the world a little less dark and scary for some of you. We are so grateful to be fortunate enough to bring you this content every week.  Special thanks to Kevin Maloney. Kevin was in-studio when we recorded this episode. Kevin's incredible talent bookends every episode now. Kevin created our intro/outro music. Kevin also played guitar on Will's latest single, Memoir. Kevin's talent is immense and lives forever on recordings from his band Withstand and the Final Sleep.  Huge thanks and gratitude to Jim Gilbert, Laura D, Amy Klemme and everyone at Nippertown for their support and we couldn't be happier to be part of the team. Ralph Renna for his friendship, dedication to our scene and for getting AGP involved. Vegas Nacy and the Empire Live team for their security at NipperFest this past weekend. Last, but not least, everyone that came out, shared stories, took resources, and chose to not let stigma get in the way of coming over to our table. See you soon! Memoir (Despair & Mayhem) [feat. Kevin Maloney] - Single by Will Foley   This week's episode title was inspired by the band Sepultura. Until next week, get well, be safe, stay ABOVE.....
Jim Gilbert is a creative fire storm, solution opportunist and the Heart of Nippertown. Jim views his ADD as a superpower that just needs management. Jim is driven beyond the grind, beyond inspired and is the beat that keeps the Heart of Nippertown pumping. Jim discusses the cocktail that allows him to do ten things at once. We talk NipperFest 2022 and the great acts and logistics of it all. Above Ground Podcast will be there with your mental health resources from NYS Office of Mental Health, AFSP Capital Region, NAMI NYS, Healing Springs, and so many others. We all need a hug too. AGP will giving free hugs to anyone that needs one.  Jim Gilbert is the Publisher of Nippertown and the Director of Operations for OverIt, a multi-media company in Albany, NY.  Jim was the co-owner of Jim is also a concert photographer, with his name etched into many of the great photos we see on Nippertown, and all over media.  Please checkout the links below to find Jim’s work and connect. Thank you for listening to this episode of Above Ground Podcast. Please continue to rate, review, follow, friend, fan and share. Until next time get well, be safe, stay Above.
Some Kind of Monster

Some Kind of Monster


For every demon you kill, two more will be born. Some choose suppression, but by suppressing things we often encourage them. We urge you feed your demons with love and understanding. Bring them into the light, out of the shadows. That way you can unmask and befriend them. Give them proper introductions and dance.  This week we are joined once again in studio by our friend, Jordan. Jordan is the voice you hear at the beginning of episodes narrating our disclaimer. Jordan is an intense and intellectual dude, who loves to ask questions and learn. Let's get rolling. Don't forget, Saturday July 23, 2022 is Nipperfest. This inaugural event, we hope becomes a yearly 5-1-8 based music festival. AGP will be there with resources supporting mental health and substance abuse. It is free!!! Yes, free! Family friendly, pet friendly day out at Schenectady, NY based Central Park Music Haven. 11am-10pm. 500 Iroquois Way, Schenectady, NY is the address. See you there. Thanks for listening. Thanks for all your support. It means so. much to us. Please share the links below if anyone asks how to find us. Get well, be safe, stay ABOVE... Memoir (Despair & Mayhem) [feat. Kevin Maloney] - Single by Will Foley
Peer support is when someone with lived experience helps another find their way through a similar experience. Peers are hope dealers. Peers coach and engage. Peers model recovery and work as part of your care team. Lets get the PEERspective. China Darrington is the Director of Advocacy and Public Policy for Thrive Peer Recovery Services of Ohio. China is also the founder of XIX Recovery Support Services. She has implemented comprehensive recovery support service programs to help reduce overall costs of treatment and crisis intervention and operationalized those programs to fit within different organizations. Thrive Peer Recovery Services provides mental health and substance use peer recovery services to self-identifying individuals in Ohio. Thrive Behavioral Health Center is the operating entity of Thrive Peer Support. Through their various programs and initiatives, Thrive supports people on their journey and enables them to achieve independence and long term recovery. China was an end-stage, chronically addicted person for 15+ years — through jobs, trying to parent & desperately attempting to stay functional.  But addiction is never satisfied and eventually she lost jobs, houses and children to her addiction. She got clean in September of 2003 and through a broad foundation of recovery has been able to maintain abstinence since.  However, she remembers how difficult it was, with a lack of hope that things would ever get better and a limited understanding of how to get treatment, find supports and get out of the drug world for good. After establishing her own personal recovery she realized she had a passion for sharing her fire that “It does get better.” She works tirelessly to help others who are tying to find their own way to change their lives for the better. China can be found here Thanks for listening. Until next week get well, be safe, stay Above.
Start the Healing

Start the Healing


Healing can be an arduous ordeal. When you’re out of shape an injury can be very difficult to heal from. Invisible injuries, deadly. Recovery is a mindset, a work very deep. This week you find out what the get well in our tag line means. Get well and Start the Healing.  This week’s episode is one hundred and fifty nine of Above Ground Podcast. TPP and Will discuss starting the process of healing and what it might look like for you to get well.  You’re in for one hell of a ride. Full of ugly cries, silent rages, fear,  doubt and bargaining. The only out is through, no discounts, coupons or rain checks. It’s real, raw and worth it for everyone around you. When you know better, you do better.  That there is a quartet of basic ideas necessary for getting well. Recognition, openness to care, expecting hurdles, and taking your time. These sound like the Fab Four  playing your rock anthem.  Recognition takes reflection, self awareness and some humility. Recognizing you don’t always have to be right and apologizing for mistakes. The ability to see your flaws, but not make them your identity. No one is perfect, nothing is.  An openness to care and receive treatment in one form or another. Combining holistic, pharmaceutical and art techniques to form the perfect self directed and beneficial therapy. Expecting hurdles. Knowing you will face setbacks, storms and accidents. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Allowing for space, compassion and ultimately, growth.  The last member of the Fab Four is taking your time. Patience is a necessity and if you do not have a disciplined practice, you’re about to get a crash course in brain surgery. This show isn’t for the timid.  It’s time to get well…1-2-3-4 Thanks for listening to Above Ground Podcast, and making us a part of your weekly podcast choices for the last three years. Please continue to rate and review. Like, share, friend and tweet. Until next week get well, be safe, stay Above. 
People are called to a profession or passion for a number of reasons. Those who are led into the mental health field either have their own or witness someone else’s experiences. Take Amber Star Hall. Amber was called to help. Amber wanted to be the one who never gives up on others.  Amber Star Hall believes at the end of the day it’s all about the peace within. Constant stress leads to burnout. It leads to financial pressure. Often forcing professionals to limit services, limit their availability and not being able to meet the needs of their clients or themselves. Amber credits mental health workers in college as the reason she is still here. Amber has been in and out of counseling since she was five years old. Amber has experienced it on both the mental health and substance use sides. This lived experience is a driving force that propels Amber onward.  Amber found herself calm on the outside and screaming on the inside. Much like many of us are experiencing collectively now. Amber has an undying drive to give back and ask deeper questions. Amber wants to have your back. Amber is open and willing to dive deeper.  A lack of time, staff and an overwhelming of our health care system has led to under served patients and clients. We have also experienced a drive to minimize education, devalue professionals and a distrust of all our systems from the top down.  We are interconnected no matter which side of the sun you revolve. That connection has becoming frayed and misrepresented in culture as a whole. In no time have we collectively lived through the same worldwide events, like we’ve done the last two plus years. Amber knows that allowing herself the balance within provides her the power to provide it outwardly. Amber is a giver but recognizes the need to not forget about Amber.  Amber holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Louisiana State University. She has first-hand knowledge of various mental health difficulties from her own experiences and witnessing family members. Amber currently works for a mental health app and as an emergency room tech. She is going to a local community college to become a registered nurse. Amber has spent most of her career working in various positions at the intersection of education, healthcare, mental health, and human services. She has found her most valuable learning to come from a continued pursuit of knowledge and personalized path that has led her to interact with a multitude of cultures, beliefs, and individuals in addition to her connection with nature. Amber aspires to take the knowledge and experiences she has gained throughout her life and work towards her most important goal in life - to show compassion, help others with their personalized paths, and leave the world a better place. In her free time she enjoys reading, creating art, gardening, and attending mindfulness/meditative events and retreats. She can be found on Instagram at The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. - Joseph Campbell Amber Hall, M.Ed.(She/her) Thanks for listening. Please continue to share and spread the message.  Until next week, get well, be safe and stay ABOVE 
A friend, colleague, shoulder or ear. One who will talk you off the ledge or just sit with you until the darkness passes. A confidant you trust. Someone you call in a crisis. We salute you and thank you for being our Struggle Buddy.  Hey what's up everyone? This is episode 157 of Above Ground Podcast. TPP recently got a trip on the struggle bus and rang the buzzer. Will got on at a stop and did a ride along. Together they ride through the town looking for the next stop to drop them off and get back into the ocean of life. Let's get to the beach.  We all need to have a friend or person to help us in a nonjudgemental, caring way. Unfortunately, not all of us have such a person. We must acknowledge that we come from the same ocean but float on different vessels. The waters can be treacherous and capsize us at any moment. When you get thrown overboard we hope to find a life raft to bring us back to shore.  This week we talk about therapy, grief, loss and acceptance. The amount of joy in our thoughts is a reflection of the joy in our lives. We our overjoyed to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary!!! TPP & Will established this pod in June of 2019. 157 episodes and counting. We can't thank everyone enough.  Thank you to our listeners, guests, Coffee Companions, friends, followers, fans and detractors. Horns up to Jordan for voicing our disclaimer. Double horns up to Kevin Maloney for the awesome new original intro and outro music. We appreciate everyone that checks out the pod. Please leave a review on Apple. Follow our socials and share our content. Become a Coffee Companion through Buy Me a Coffee. Thank you so much. Here's to another year. Memoir (Despair & Mayhem) [feat. Kevin Maloney] - Single by Will Foley  
Anything is possible when you’re brave enough to rush into a burning building and save others.  Another version of bravery is confronting your own dragons, taming them and bringing them out for others to learn from. Jon Arenburg is a retired firefighter, dragon tamer and teacher of putting out the mental fires.  Jon Arenburg states every call wore away his mental resilience. Jon found himself trapped in the hell of PTSD and needing to break the unwritten rule of silence. Silence in his case had become impossible. Jon’s suffering had become unbearable and he was unable to make order out of the chaos that had spread throughout his mind.  Comfort is not a firewall to protecting our mentals. It’s an accelerant to setting fire to one’s own life. Being uncomfortable is the way. The way to break the silence and break out from the burning building.  It’s time for a stress debrief of sorts.  Gratitude and helping others has become John’s extinguisher to fighting these many blazes. His blog and book, The Road to Mental Wellness are lights in the smoke filled dark. Jon’s voice will help you find your way out. It’s time to stop, drop and roll.  Jon Arenburg is a blogger, author, was in the fire service for fifteen years and also worked in long-term care for twenty. Jon resides with his partner and two children in Nova Scotia. Find Jon @
John the Fisherman

John the Fisherman


Feeling like you do not have any support can feel like you're floating out on a stormy sea, navigating rough ocean waters with only one oar. But, those who fish choose to set sail even in less then ideal conditions. They cast their line with the hope that they can return with an offering. We hope that the sea supports us. Reconnecting to one self is difficult, Especially when we haven't been connected for so long. We find ourselves floating in the vat of hopelessness. Reaching for the shore. With one stroke at a time. This week the guys talk support. Only compare yourself to the day before. You may not find anything biting today, but tomorrow you could. Don't give up.  Thanks for listening to this week's episode. Please follow us on all the socials and if you like the show support us at Come see us at Nipperfest on Saturday July 23, 2022 at Schenectady Central Park Music Haven.  Check out our friend Justin at Pogo Beard Company. Pogo makes small batch beard oil and balms. Justin also makes tattoo butter. Get your tats basted in 'tha butta. Check out Abalmination and saturate your skin. Until next week get well, be safe, stay ABOVE
The fear of knowing oneself can elicit a fear like nothing else.  Afraid to let our guard down, uncomfortable in our skin. We self-medicate  and self-protect with a devastating toll. The Colossus that is Dan Neet embodies this narrative and is empowered by his exploding head.   This week the guys are joined by the 5-1-8s own Dan Neet and his angel and partner Lisa McLane. Dan’s addiction struggles are deep and layered, like the heaviness of his band the Clay People, Dan has carried the weight of addiction for much of his life. Multiple stints in rehab were not enough to break the cycle of trauma that Dan was trying to numb.  ‘Living in the past is depression and living in the future is anxiety’, says Neet. Both those paths have been embossed by the Dr. Martens that Neet wears as part of his armor. The armor of a Palegod, Demon Hero.  Lisa McLane, his partner in all things, is Dan’s personal hype track. Lisa has stood by his side and knew Dan was her person. Lisa is Dan’s angel in black, when heavens fall. Lisa, herself is a goddess-warrior. A single mom of three and survivor of a very emotionally abusive relationship, prior to reconnecting with Dan. Lisa says, ‘I saved him, but he saved me.’ Call them the industrial-metal strength John and Yoko.  Look for the new Clay People album this Summer and follow the links below to be in the Hex Machine. Thank you for listening and until next time get well, be safe, stay Above
We often set ourselves up for a let down. Expectations often get in the way of reality. The more we desire to do something or be somewhere, we find ourselves clinging to outcomes, ideologies and our expectations. Setting us up for things I can never have. Jay Shetty says, "attachment gives and accepts love conditionally, whereas, detachment gives and accepts love unconditionally." Detaching from our expectations and letting go allows what is going to be, to be. Not always comfortable and takes practice. It is worth the cultivation.  The idea that if you do all the right things, you will get what you deserve. What we truly deserve is only what we reap and sow. Like Mick Jagger sings, "can't always get what you want, but you get what you need."  Veruca Salt, that snot nose, entitled bad egg from Willy Wonka, not the band, proved in realtime expectations set too high and trying to force the world to bend to our will can tip the scales in the negative. Ice cream melts and the cone gets soaked. Even if we don't like it.  Don't forget to join us this Sunday, May 22 at Empire Live in Albany, NY for the 2nd Upstate Punk Rock Flea Market. Come find vendors selling all kinds of cool art, swag and creations in the truest sense of punk rock. 12-6pm. Then Saturday July 23, at the Music Haven in Central Park Schenectady, NY stop by our table at Nipperfest. The all day family friendly event is rain or shine, dog friendly and will have some of the 518s top artists.  As always, thank you for listening. Please keep the conversation surrounding mental health going beyond the month of May. Don't forget this July the new 9-8-8 phone number to access support and help will go live. Contact your local representatives and stress the importance of funding this mental health emergency line.  Find us at  if you like what you hear want to support what we do you can Buy Above Ground Podcast a Coffee at Until next week get well, be safe, stay ABOVE...    
Dr. A, aka the Misfit Therapist has become real comfortable not fitting in. Her realness and rawness helps her propel mental wellness forward. Both in private practice and her podcast the Misfit Therapist. Buckle your chinstraps kids, the misfits are taking over the island. Dr. A is a fiery redheaded Cuban woman, mother of a two legged wonder, daughter and the most amazing best friend. Dr. A thinks access to mental health treatment comes down to money, insurance and the rights of the individual.  Do you feel heard, respected and understood? If those needs aren't met, that should be a deal breaker. Dr. A will not work harder than you. She is comfortable with the smell of her own shit, are you? Building coping mechanism muscles is a workout that we should all learn. She power-lifted herself out and she can coach you to also.  We need to ask more questions and the first being, why? Why this diagnosis? Why this medication? Why should I seek therapy? These little nuggets of information are valuable for propelling you forward in your recovery.  Dr. A can be found on the internet at these following addresses, Thanks for listening. Please come visit us at these great events. Sunday May 22nd, Upstate Punk Rock Flea Market at Empire Live in Albany, NY.   Saturday July 23rd at Nipperfest in Schenectady at the Music Haven.  Until we meet again get well, be safe and Stay ABOVE  
Rock and a Hard Space

Rock and a Hard Space


Recovery can often leave you feeling like you're caught between a rock and hard space. What stands between you and your healing can leave you feeling alone on an unmovable mountain. Yodeling for help in a deep, empty canyon.  The space between illness and recovery can be bridged by medication, therapy and belief. Yet so many doubt they can make it. Looking at life through shit-colored glasses, will leave you running on a hamster wheel with smelly shoes.  Us light chasers often fall prey to the dark. We give of ourselves, often to the point of utter exhaustion and emptiness. Our identities are so invested in our being helpful or looked upon to answer the call. We feel like we have no one that can help move this boulder out of our paths. It's up to us to take care of the earth mover.  Maintenance on your vehicle is absolutely necessary to the life of your ride. Self-care, is the answer for our human machine. Checking in with meditation, exercise, rest, healthy food and stress reduction, help us remove the build up in our cylinders, blow the fuel out the carb and let the motor sing.  Thanks for listening to this week's episode. A huge shout out to Kevin Maloney. Kevin wrote our new music. He is the guitarist and songwriter for the Final Sleep. He was also in the seminal Albany hardcore band, Withstand. He is a very close friend of the show and the hosts.  Don't forget we will be part of 2022 inaugural Nipperfest. Saturday July 23rd at the Music Haven in Central Park, Schenectady, NY. 11a-10p.   AGP will be part of the second Upstate Punk Rock Flea Market at Empire Live Albany NY, Sunday, May 22nd 12-6p. This is a great all ages event. We will have tons of resources for you. The first one was killer. Come to our table at either event and have a real conversation about mental health.  Check out until next week, get well, be safe, stay Above51    
We all carry emotional baggage. Trauma, loss, illness. All these things leave us with a heavy suitcase. Emotions get trapped in our bodies and so much of our physical pain is emotional. Allison Karoly unpacks the luggage so we can travel light.  Allison's journey of self discovery has taken her from client to practitioner. She worked in the corporate world and found herself overworked, overweight and over it. While traveling back home on Route 2 in Massachusetts, something came over Allison. Forcing her to leave her six-figure job without knowing what she was going to do. What she was doing was saying yes to the universe.  Allison had been meditating and seeing an intuitive coach. She became a Reiki Master following the energies she received from the modality herself.  Then, while an assistant to a medium, she was inspired to start her own reiki practice. She was soon introduced to Dr. Bradley Nelson's Emotion Code. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the call of sea.  Emotions are energy in motion. Emotions are signals and road signs that lead us to the map of ourselves. Michael Singer, in his book, The Untethered Soul, says you are not your emotions. And by changing our self dialogue we can change the energies of our lives.  Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique, which allows us to realign naturally. It promotes healing and transformation. It is usually a hands on technique, however it is very powerful remotely.  The Emotion Code was created by Bradley Nelson after twenty plus years as a holistic chiropractor. Designed to help alleviate physical discomfort, ease emotional wounds and removing barriers to your ability to connect.  You can find Allison at    
The Tables Have Turned

The Tables Have Turned


The tables have turned this week. The ones who usually ask the questions are being asked the questions. Heather Foley guests and InnerView’s the guys for an illuminating look at  The innards of Above Ground Podcast. Enjoy.    This week the guys are the ones answering questions, on this special episode of AGP. Heather Foley asks about how all this came to be. Who were the teachers, inspirations and influences? The guys even answer what show they’d like most to be on.    A fun episode amongst many heavier. We all need to laugh. Laughter is truly good medicine.  I do appreciate, Heather Foley’s time and talent to help record this episode.    Thanks for listening to AGP. We appreciate you our listeners and contributors.  Our family, friends, and followers. 
Two days out of prison, Frank"The Legend" Shamrock started a career of truly legendary proportions. Overcoming years of abuse, group homes and run-ins with the law. Things could have rolled much differently. Following the Warrior"s Code is the only path out. The Legend was a child in Northern California. He survived abuse, maltreatment and severe trauma. Learning that crime and getting into trouble would get him out of his terrible home environment, he made it his own.  Having nothing left to loose, Frank found himself in prison. He went to Shamrock Martial Arts School two days after his release. He was at the forefront of no-holds barred fighting, which would become Ultimate Fighting. MMA was made for him and he for MMA.  Listen to him lay his life out unflinchingly. The pain and the ultimate. From living in the tool shed as a child. To producing Bipolar Rock N' Roller, the Showtime documentary of friend and renowned WWE and Combat Sports Announcer, Mauro Ranallo.  What he learned from his experience was resilience and how to reinvent himself. Now an entrepreneur, speaker and producer.  a A staunch mental health advocate. A portion of his work goes to help Fountain House. A New York City non-profit which practices a specialized form of therapy using the setting of intentional community.  He is the author of, Uncaged:My Life as a MMA Fighter.  You can find all Frank Shamrock at his official website. Thank you for listening. Be well, be safe, be Above,,,      
Fight Em Til You Can't

Fight Em Til You Can't


Negative thoughts are hard to fight. They are often unquestioned and believed at face value. When looking at the treasures we excavate from our wrecks, we can internalize our failures and hear them as gospel. The zombies keep coming. Let's fight 'em. TPP and Will are discussing negative thoughts this week. We hope you enjoy the show. Thanks for listening, following and spreading the word. We look forward to going into year three soon. Please share one of the links below and help us let everyone know that Everyone has MENTAL HEALTH, not Everyone has MENTAL HEALTH Memoir (Despair & Mayhem) [feat. Kevin Maloney] - Single by Will Foley
Change management consultant, Joelle Monaco joins us this week. Joelle is a proponent of people first workplaces and communities. An educator by passion, Joelle wants to empower you to end stigma and create the world we all could use. As a mental health consultant and trainer, Joelle has seen change. Starting out more than fifteen years ago, people wouldn't return her calls. Now they seek her out. They seek her knowledge and wisdom.  We will breakdown the three stigmas we all encounter, self, public and institutional. Find out why Joelle has chosen the turtle as her spirit animal. Her passion is organizational development and building relationships to support operations.  Joelle is a proponent of the people first view of community and workplace. We will spend a third of our lives in our place of work. We now have more than five generations in the workplace together. We tend to not leave our baggage at the door. Following the pandemic team building became a box to check.  Managers are put in positions because they are good at a task. They are often not leaders. They often do not want to be. Community education turned into change management. What is holding us back? Let's talk about it.  You can find Joelle Monaco at Joelle Monaco Consulting. She is also the Director of Outreach and Business Engagement for the Mental Health Association of NY State (MHANYS). Thanks for joining another real conversation from the PEERspective. Join us every Wednesday for a new episode. If you like what you hear follow, friend, share and spread the vibes with one of our links below. Memoir (Despair & Mayhem) [feat. Kevin Maloney] - Single by Will Foley
Catastrophizing, is assuming the worst case scenario is going to happen. You believe you're stuck, out of options. When you feel you've reached your limit and your tools don't seem to work. Where do you go? Healing can be daunting.  We often lose focus and doubt ourselves when we feel overwhelmed. Questioning our ability, our process. We need to have a utility tool with multiple items. Yet you fumble accessing the belt.  Life unfolds at pace we often do not appreciate. Suffering is optional. Buddhism shows us that we create a lot of our own problems. Cut yourself free and give yourself a break. Show yourself some grace. And be grateful for the experience.  Thanks for listening to Above Ground Podcast. We appreciate it when you leave a review, share our content and interact with us. We appreciate meeting everyone in our community as well. We are quickly approaching three years of service. Thank you for making that possible. Here is where you can find us. Until next week, be WELL. Memoir (Despair & Mayhem) [feat. Kevin Maloney] - Single by Will Foley  
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