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Adventures in Entrepreneurship

Adventures in Entrepreneurship

Author: Dave Schools

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Founder of Entrepreneur's Handbook. Co-creator of questions app Party Qs. Author: Runaway Millionaire. @Inc columnist. Reach me at
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This is the story of how three female cofounders turned $200 into pies, and pies into $200,000 -- in a tiny town on the Eastern Shore. Find out the #1 mistake startups make (hint: it has to do with price) and how Marc Andreessen's advice is literally lived out in the story of the Ugly Pie girls. A classic, inspiring story that all entrepreneurs will benefit from, read by the author. Enjoy!
When an all-consuming project moves off your plate and you’re faced with a sad chasm of emptiness inside.
Alex Goodison (right) receiving an award at a science competition
18 Lessons I Live By

18 Lessons I Live By


I’m 27. Here’s how I live my life in 4 minutes.
Posed by executives at Facebook, Apple, and Y Combinator… Oh, and Kevin Durant
The word “telecommuting” is dying. Better terms are replacing it.We hear “remote working” now and most recently “coworking.”
“Solving big problems is easier than solving smaller problems.”— Sergey Brin, Co-founder of Google
Pretend you’re a venture capitalist investor and you have $10 million to make one (just one) of these ideas a booming success. Which one do you pick?
This business has given me a chance to redeem myself and my family to rise and overcome decadal adversity.
Creativity is a beautiful beast within us that drives us to take risks we didn’t know we had the courage to take.
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Serena Gray

Looking forward to more episodes!

Sep 29th
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Tipping Point

Attracted by this cover, such a good looking guy

Sep 26th
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