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We talk and share about anything related to business, digital marketing, entrepreneurship and basically what we can think about in our day-to-day hustle. Tune in so you can learn how to bring your business to the next level, or pick-up a new skill or tips to grow your business, or yourself as a person.
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It is said that ONLY 3/10 people are disposing of their face mask correctly, are you one of them? Since the 1st of August 2020, it is mandatory for Malaysian citizens to wear a face mask on a daily basis. However, this has also caused a spike on the IMPROPER disposal of single-use face mask. 😷 Do you know there are at least 3 NEGATIVE IMPACTS from single-use face masks?  We are happy that we have Josephine Tan, the GM of Penang Green Council to join us in the episode to UNMASK the impacts of the usage of reusable masks instead of single-use masks!
Learn the thought process behind an employer and an employee, so you can know how to hire the best talents and how to land a job that you've always wanted.
这集我们邀请到了Team PME的Eugene Kam,为我们带来一些非常有用的理财方式和全部00后都能用到的达到财富自由方式。
FS Cheng, an engineer turned into a martial arts coach, shared his story and the process of giving up a stable and high salaried engineering job and venture into the unknown - an entrepreneurship journey in starting a martial arts school.From just talking to computers to talking and training with humans every day, listen to how FS changed his passion into a viable business with more than 140 students training in his school today. In this episode, he also unveiled the SECRETS of what martial arts can do to your body even if you have no prior experience.
The COVID-19 pandemic hits businesses very hard, especially the F&B retail industry.In this episde, we got the founder of Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters, Frank Ee to share transparently with us his struggle and the breakthrough of his business during this COVID-19 pandemic.No one is ever ready for a country-wide lockdown. No shops are allowed to open, so this posses a big threat to the retail F&B businesses.If you’re planning to run a F&B business or you’re already a F&B business owner, you will find this episode very fruitful.We don’t only talk about struggles and strategies to breakthrough, Frank even share some tips on how to make sure your food and drinks remain fresh during deliveries! Which is a very important aspect in food business in the new normal now.Tune in now to listen to the full episode.
Running an NGO can have a lot of struggle and misconceptions from the public. In this episode, our hosts, Sanz Teoh an Deanna, has invited the President and Project Director of IAPWA Penang - Ms.Choong, to share with us the experience of running an NGO.She'll reveal some behind the scenes stories and how the digital and internet space has helped her and sustaining the organization.As exciting as it sounds, Ms Choong will be sharing some heartfelt adoption stories as well.
We're heading towards a recession. Here we discuss a few easily executable ways that SMEs can start practicing in your company to survive the recession.With all of us bound to our homes during this pandemic, many are losing their jobs, retail business at an all-time low, traditional businesses are struggling to survive. Hence, analysts are suggesting that we are headed towards a global recession soon!So, you must listen to the entire episode to discover how your SMEs can brace for the coming impact. 
Is your business affected? We know the Coronavirus disease COVID-19 has been declared as a pandemic by WHO. Majority of the businesses out there are suffering from the negative impact of this. This is the best time for you to listen to this episode where Sanz and Deanna talks about what your business can do to save itself from this disease epidemic.
There’s more bad than good when gender equality is spoken with wrong intentions. In conjunction with IWD2020’s theme #eachforequal, we are joined by Penang Women Development Corporation to discuss about the unconscious gender bias in the society that we will never speak about.
In just 4 years, Good Foodie Media has grown their followers from 0 to 3.5 Million. The 2 co-founders disclosed their secret ‘ingredient’ on how they’ve done it and also shared some tips on where to find the best food in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Johor, and Bangkok. Don't miss this episode if you're a foodie yourself!
If you’re just graduated from high school, university or college and you feel lost and don’t know what to do, here’s some great advice that you can take.
Everyone has something they are passionate about. Your passion makes your life more exciting, but can you earn a living by monetizing your passion? Sanz and Deanna discussed the actionable steps on how you can turn your passion into business.
McDonald's, Coca-Cola and Disney are the brands we all love for their marketing campaigns from the past. But, are their ways to a successful marketing campaign still effective today? Sanz and Deanna discussed the pros and cons of various marketing methods and how to utilize them in businesses today.
With the advancement of technology, it granted us the access to practice our freedom of speech. However, there comes the flip side where freedom is taken for granted. Sanz and Deanna shares the scary consequences of sharing misinformed news and how to stop issues from reoccurring
We all know we can never avoid dealing with customers in a business. They can either make us laugh, go crazy or cry. In this episode Sanz and Deanna discussed about the few types of customers you will meet and how to deal with them.
5 Episodes in, and have you ever wonder what is Jumix and why are we doing this podcast? Your answers are in this episode where Sanz, the founder and CEO of Jumix took us down memory lane explaining why he started Jumix and why he came about to start this podcast.
Make this new era an era of working towards maintaining a positive mental health. With mental health issues being the 2nd biggest expected health problem in Malaysia, Sanz and Deanna shared their thoughts on maintaining a positive mental health, ways to encounter cloudy days and literally change your life.
Bye 2019. On this episode, Sanz and Deanna discussed the few major factors and change in consumer behavior, that will shape businesses in future and why you should be taking them into considerations to build a better brand for the new era.
What algorithm? Sanz and Deanna shares tips on how to grow your IG game even with the changing trends on the platform, and how to really crush it in year 2020.
#1 - IG Removing Likes

#1 - IG Removing Likes


No more numbers of likes in Instagram, joy or horror? In this very first episode of After 5 at Jumix, we discuss about the impact of Instagram removing likes count on all posts, and what are the responses from the big influencers in different industry.
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