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Welcome to the first episode of All Inclusive, a podcast by Jay Ruderman on inclusion, innovation, and social justice. In this episode, Jay is joined by environmental and disability rights expert Robyn Powell to explore why the ban on straws is so controversial.See for privacy information.
Self-Driving cars are not just the future, it's a game-changer for people with disabilities. On episode 2 of All Inclusive, Jay is joined by experts Dr. Miriam Heyman, Senior Program Officer at The Ruderman Family Foundation, and Amitai Bin-Nun, VP of Autonomous Vehicles at SAFE, to discuss the impact Autonomous Vehicles can have on more than 6 million Americans with disabilities.See for privacy information.
In this fascinating episode of ALL INCLUSIVE, Jay interviews Dr. Michael Alosco of the Boston University CTE Center. Together they will uncover the real and alarming facts surrounding this hotly debated topic.See for privacy information.
Until a few weeks ago, Paralympic Athletes earned only 1/5th the amount of money for winning a medal, compared to their Team USA counterparts. On this episode, Jay uncovers the story behind this historic fight for equality and justice. Jay is joined by Paralympian Jenny Sichel and Link20 Advocacy Coordinator, Meir Zimmerman, who provide an exclusive insight into the successful efforts of Paralympian athletes to be valued as equal.See for privacy information.
Award winning singer songwriter and ukulele player, Mandy Harvey is joining Jay in a special one-on-one interview to discuss her successful journey as a deaf musician. In 2011, Mandy won VSA’s Top Young Soloist Award. As a successful performer touring thought the U.S. in 2017, she became a household name after winning the 4th place on America’s Got Talent. In addition, Harvey is an Ambassador of the nonprofit organization No Barriers where she inspires and assists others to break through their personal barriers.See for privacy information.
1 in 5 people in the U.S. has a disability, a large community that can lead change and shatter the culture of ableism. In this episode of ALL INCLUSIVE, Jay is joined by Andy Imparato, executive director of the Association of University Centers on Disabilities, to untangle the conflicts preventing the disability community from moving forward.See for privacy information.
On this episode of All Inclusive, Jay is Joined by Dr. Miriam Heyman, Ruderman Foundation senior program officer and author of the nationally discussed Ruderman White Paper on mental health and suicide of first responders. Together they reveal the findings behind this growing crisis.See for privacy information.
Hundreds of people with disabilities are killed by their caregivers every year and yet, we are rarely exposed to those tragic stories in the media. Jay is joined by David Perry, a senior academic advisor to the Department of History at the University of Minnesota and disability-rights reporter, to discuss the facts and the concerning lack of media exposure on this issue.See for privacy information.
There is an epidemic of mental illness on college campuses across the country. Joined by Ruderman Family Foundation program officer, Dr. Miriam Heyman, Jay reveals the alarming facts every student should keep in mind.See for privacy information.
While 20% of our society has a disability, less than 5% of actors on screen are disabled. Jay is joined by actor, comedian, and activist for the disability rights movement, Danny Woodburn and together they shed a light on the multiple challenges of actors with disabilities in the entertainment industry.See for privacy information.
While the push for diversity in the medical profession is bigger than ever before, disability is not included. Jay is joined by Dr. Cheri Blauwet, a renowned physician and a wheelchair user, to discuss the major barriers confronting people with disabilities who pursue careers in medicine.See for privacy information.
The first-ever national disability theatre is spreading across the country and its co-founder, actor with autism Mickey Rowe is joining Jay for a one-on-one with exciting newsSee for privacy information.
From pioneer for inclusion as a major league athlete to champion for diversity in a leadership position at MLB. Baseball legend Billy Bean is joining Jay for an intimate and candid conversation. Together, they discuss diversity and disability inclusion in baseball, the steps leading to the historic change from DL to IL, and reveal the new MLB mental health approach.See for privacy information.
Jay meets SBSK founder Chris Ulmer at MIT, where he takes part in a unique program focusing on social justice in the digital age. Ulmer shares his inspiring path towards millions of subscribers and shares with Jay the unexpected tools we can all use to advance our causes through social media.See for privacy information.
Jay meets Doctor Mikhail Varshavski, a.k.a. “Dr. Mike”, at MIT where he takes part in a unique program focusing on social justice in the digital age. Dr. Mike discusses the evolution of his social media presence and shares how he uses entertainment as a way to teach people about medicine on social media.See for privacy information.
Do you think New York City can be the most accessible city in the world? That’s Victor Calise’s goal. He’s the Commissioner for the New York City Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities, and Jay spoke with him about how his disability catapulted him into his professional journey. They discussed what accessibility on a broad scale means, and how his office is tackling big-picture accessibility issues in the city such as disability employment, accessible transportation and accessible technology.   To find out more about what NYC is doing on accessibility, you can visit for privacy information.
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world unlike anything else since the Spanish Flu over 100 years ago. Healthcare professionals have been put in a very difficult situation, and have to make very difficult decisions on which patients receive treatment and equipment and which patients do not. Jay talks with Dominic Sisti, PhD, MBE. Dr. Sisti is an assistant professor and director of the Scattergood Program for Applied Ethics of Behavioral Health Care in the Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania.See for privacy information.
Jay and Bekah discuss the Boston Red Sox Foundation, her career path from high school to college to professional soccer, and how she ended up at the Red Sox Foundation, the IMPACT Awards and everything in between. See for privacy information.
Emmy-nominated actress Cheryl Hines joins Jay to talk about her acting career, working with Larry David, 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' inclusion, and her poker face.See for privacy information.
Host Hotels & Resorts Chairman Richard Marriott joins Jay to discuss how businesses will come back after the COVID-19 pandemic, the Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation and  the Bridges program, and his career path and how he got to where he is today. See for privacy information.
Comments (30)

Niusha Taji

Tyank you so much for sharing this and being our voice❤️

Apr 25th

Nikoo Javid

Thank you for this comprehensive talk. The closest to reality I've heard so far.

Dec 9th

Allie Henke

Thanks so much for the new and open perspective you bring to these topics. The guests are relatable and introduce their stories in this succinct amount of time while still keeping me hooked!

Jan 4th

Jackie Schwartz

I look forward to the new episodes of All Inclusive bi-weekly. I love how it's a new type of advocacy each episode, so I can learn something different. Really great to hear how people got to their activism and the impact they are making. This most recent episode with Ilse Knecht of Joyful Heart was so eye-opening and informative.

Jan 4th


These comments are soo fake and obviously planted by someone associated with the show. That’s what the left has to do - fake it’s way forward.

Jan 1st

Aviva Goldstein

Great episode!! So much fun to listen to Fran's wisdom. Thank you Jay for hosting her and making this wonderful talk available for others!

Oct 9th


Great Podcast!

Sep 13th

Molly Silver

These podcasts are wonderful and. talk about timely issues, past and. present. A must listen to help make the world a better place.

Sep 3rd


I think this podcast is wonderful! I love being able to hear from all kinds of different activists about all kinds of important issues. I think the host does a great job making the interviews really interesting. I’m so happy there is a podcast out there that deals with all these interesting issues, that I can listen to.

Sep 2nd

Aviva Goldstein

This is such a great podcast. Each episode provides important information and knowledge about activism and the people that bring change to the world. Jay Ruderman, an activist himself, interviews his guests with so much compassion and passion for making a difference, while conducting such interesting conversations with so much to learn from in each episode. Highly recommended.

Sep 2nd

Yehuda Arik Oz

I love it! Interesting, educational and important message about social justice. Jay is doing a great job as an interviewer, and I appreciate all I've learned from this podcast. I can't wait for the new episodes!!!

Sep 1st


I have been enjoying the Podcasts in All Inclusive. I especially enjoy Jay's interview style. I find that Jay has a way of drawing out his guests without it going intrusive. Quite often I feel like I am sitting with a couple of friends enjoying their conversation. I look forward to enjoying more podcasts from Jay

Aug 31st

Josh Smith

it's not 9/11 yet!!! stfu!!

Aug 30th
Reply (2)

Noemi Gotay

You are so right about it only takes one persont to notice and hold on to you.

Aug 29th

Kerianne Tracy

Excellent podcast! Love the focus on activism, very educational. Can't wait for more episodes!

Aug 28th


I love learning about different activists and I find these interviews very educational. Jay Ruderman is a very special person who has dedicated almost all of his time to spread the need for change in our world. This work is very important and necessary.

Aug 27th


I have enjoyed listening to All Inclusive with Jay Ruderman. The topics are very timely and I have learned so much from Jay and his guests.

Aug 27th

Lynn Silverman

I’ve been enjoying this podcast for awhile now. It’s very educational. I’ve learned about a lot of different causes and the activists behind them.

Aug 27th


What a great podcast! Highlights diverse issues and really allows us to think differently about communities and issues surrounding us. Definitely recommend to listen and learn!

Aug 27th

Maaisha Osman

Great podcast! Brings in people from all walks of life. Focuses on important issues like mental health, disability inclusion, food insecurity and more. Highlights different perspectives! Definitely recommend it.

Aug 27th
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