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An Indianapolis Business Podcast: Off the Circle
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An Indianapolis Business Podcast: Off the Circle

Author: Douglas Karr

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Listen to Indy-based entrepreneurs and business-people, their experience and expertise. Have some laughs and learn along the way on this episode of Off the Circle. Your hosts are Douglas Karr and Ryan Grimes. We're sharing motivating stories, newly discovered businesses, exceptional leaders, and other topics associated with the great city of Indianapolis.
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On this episode, we interview Keaton Hendricks, founder of Sky Outfitters. Sky Outfitters is an online e-commerce company headquartered in Indianapolis. Since inception in 2016, Sky Outfitters (formerly known as Sky Footwear) has partnered with over 30 different homeless shelters across the Midwest and donated over 30,000 socks as a component of its “buy-one-give-one” mission. With every piece of apparel sold, the company donates that item to its homeless shelter of the month – August’s shelter being Milwaukee Rescue Mission. Launched in 2016, Sky Outfitters tripled its revenue in its first year – and in 2018, the company saw $127K in gross revenue – a number that is expected to steadily increase throughout the rest of 2019.Expanding the company’s retail line, the company's rebranding coincides with the launch of two new apparel products found on homeless shelters’ most requested items list – premium beanies and scarves. Special Guests: Keaton Hendricks and Keeton Hendricks.
On this episode, we interview Chef Ben Hardy and Larry Dickerson on Indiana's Culinary Crossroads Initiative.Team Indiana is a talented and diverse group of Hoosier chefs and home cooks headed to Dallas, TX to compete in the World Food Championships ( October 16-20. They are representing the State of Indiana as part of the Culinary Crossroads initiative, with backing from the Indiana Office of Tourism Development, Indiana Grown, and other underwriters.Team Indiana is comprised of nine chefs from around the state, competing in seven different events at the 2019 World Food Championships. Among the team are several from Indianapolis, including: Ben Hardy (Indianapolis), co-owner and pastry chef of Gallery Pastry Shop Erin Gillum (Indianapolis), executive chef of Spoke & Steele Justin Miller (Carmel), executive chef of Anthony’s Chophouse Craig Baker (Indianapolis), restaurant consultant Cindy Hawkins (Indianapolis), owner of Circle City Sweets Roger Hawkins (Indianapolis), owner of Circle City Soups We discuss the cultural impact of culinary talent on the state's economy, Ben's history and his Pastry shop, as well as the upcoming World Food Championships. Special Guests: Ben Hardy and Larry Dickerson.
On this episode, we On this episode, we interview Sean Hendrix, the Director of Emerging Technology Partnerships for the Purdue Research Foundation and the managing director of the Indiana 5G Zone. We're discussing the latest public private initiatives to drive 5G implementation and innovation here in Indiana, the Indiana 5G Zone.The Indiana 5G Zone will occupy 3,000 square feet within the 24,000-square-foot downtown Indianapolis headquarters of the Eleven Fifty Academy, a non-profit educational entity that helps professionals upskill and launch careers in technology. Co-locating the Indiana 5G Zone here will integrate the 5G infrastructure and testing facilities within the academy’s immersive coding and cybersecurity training programs.The facility is being established by the Indiana 5G Forum, which has developed to include several notable stakeholders, including AT&T, Verizon, Purdue University, Eleven Fifty Academy, Indiana IoT Lab - Fishers, Battery Innovation Center, Wabash Heartland Innovation Network (WHIN), Energy Systems Network, Indiana University, and the University of Notre Dame with the intent to add more partners from near and far. The Indiana 5G Zone is sponsored as part of a strategic initiative established in partnership with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation to leverage Indiana’s developing digital infrastructure to catalyze innovation and support rapidly-developing companies.The Indiana 5G Zone will offer businesses, universities, government, and research institutions the ability to book fee-for-service lab space at the facility, leveraging its unique 5G network infrastructure to develop and test new technologies, products or service applications, while also having access to shared spaces for programming and events. It will be the first node of what will become a statewide 5G-related resource network. Special Guest: Sean Hendrix.
On this episode, we interview Jeffrey Smith. Jeffrey researched and identified a franchise opportunity and landed on janitorial services and commercial cleaning. City Wide Maintenance continues to grow and retain clients at phenomenal success and Jeffrey shares his experience here.City Wide is a management company in the building maintenance industry with more than 50 years’ experience offering janitorial and 20-plus other facility services. In 2005, Jeff Smith, an Indiana native, opened City Wide of Indianapolis and began offering the company’s unique experience to building maintenance and janitorial services to commercial facilities in the greater Indianapolis metro.Jeff knew from experience that truly amazing client support took an extra level of engagement but resulted in successful lifelong relationships. He was drawn to City Wide because he recognized that they had a unique business model that offered this excellent support better than any team he had ever seen.Today, Jeff is transforming an industry often plagued with mediocrity.* Offering a unique management approach* Providing more than 20 different services* Representing your needs* Focusing on vendor selection, compliance & overall client satisfactionClients aren’t used to the attention to detail and level of communication City Wide Maintenance offers and once they hired them, they love it! Their goal is to become an extension of your management team and save you time, money and the stress associated with facility management. Special Guest: Jeffrey Smith.
On this episode, we interview Kevin MacCauley and Myles Grote, co-founders of Upper Hand. Upper Hand offers sports organizations a suite of online tools to effectively manage their businesses. By offering solutions to manage lessons, camps, clinics, teams and memberships, Upper Hand enables sports businesses to cut through the clutter of administration and enhance the clients’ experience with their organization. Upper Hand also allows sports organizations to intelligently manage their business by providing features including online registration, payments management (including cash), booking and scheduling, contact management, roster management, financial reporting, marketing and communication with their clients. Special Guests: Kevin MacCauley and Myles Grote.
On this episode, we interview Matt Hunckler of Powderkeg ( There's no doubt of the massive impact Matt has had in Indianapolis on the technology community. From his origins as one of the first Orr Fellows ( to Powderkeg, he's skyrocketed and accomplished somethinging truly special. We discuss his journey and Powderkeg in this episode.Powderkeg is a network of more than 10,000 entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and supporters who are passionate about creating massive value through software, technology and their innovative businesses. They host regular tech conferences, pitch competitions, and industry events in host cities around the U.S. and publish the best strategies and methodologies for growing a technology business. Special Guest: Matt Hunckler.
On this episode, we interview Tim Houterloot, a ten year survivor of Hairy Cell Leukemia. Tim is a candidate for the Man & Woman of the Year ( award. Also joining us is Katelyn Sussli, a campaign specialist for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as well as both this year's boy and girl of the year... Tyler and Piper! And of course their Moms are sharing the stories.We discuss Douglas' experience in a previous year's campaign, Tim's journey, as well as the journey's of Tyler and Piper. Please, please, please help support the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. From research, to treatment, to education, to supporting the families... they do amazing work and make every single dollar count! Special Guests: Katelyn Sussli and Tim Houterloot.
On this episode, we interview Indianapolis' former Mayor Greg Ballard. Mayor Ballard has written a new book, Less Oil or More Caskets: The National Security Argument for Moving Away From Oil ( While that's a provocative title for a book, as a Marine who has served in Desert Storm, Mayor Ballard is passionate about our servicemen and also passionate about transportation technology. He discusses the intersection of the two in his newest book. While this may be viewed as a political view... it's actually not, Mayor Greg Ballard is a Republican.Mayor Ballard also discusses the work that Indiana is doing on workforce development, women in technology, the state's robotic championship, and other work that he's doing on behalf of Hoosiers. We also had Michael Denny sit in as a guest and he discussed the innovative work that Butler University is doing to transform higher education. Special Guests: Greg Ballard and Michael Denny.
On this episode, we interview ScoocH President and Co-founder Matt Foley on his journey to rival the PopSocket by creating the No. 1 phone case for video streaming. Four years ago, Matt, along with fellow co-founder John Stagge, saw a void in wireless phone case technology and had an idea – a phone case with versatile one-handed use. Think snap bracelets. The unique kickstand feature of the ScoocH Wingman allows you to use your device in landscape and portrait mode with ease. Not to mention that the case’s textured grip, 10-foot drop protection and car mount feature boast 4-in-1 capabilities while keeping functionality, style and durability at the forefront. In the competitive environment of consumer electronics, ScoocH ( has emerged as a leading competitor, expanding its presence across 6,000 retail environments across the United States and Canada. Since 2015, ScoocH’s revenue has grown from $250,000 to over $6M, doubling its revenue almost every year.In alignment with its commitment, ScoocH also provides empowerment, protection and autonomy to Hoosiers in need by donating 10% of profits to locally-based Prevail, a crisis center dedicated to empowering those affected by domestic violence. Special Guest: Matt Foley.
In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Mike Reynolds, founder of Innovatemap (, a digital product agency. Mike has been ideating and delivering digital products to market for over 20 years. He is an expert in product management, user experience, and product marketing. Innovatemap helps companies of all sizes dream, design, and scale digital products and services. Innovatemap works with startups looking to build their product roadmap, scale-ups that are shifting or taking their company in another direction, and tech-enabled businesses that wish to leverage technology to enhance their non-technology company. We discuss a couple of shared clients and the impact that Innovatemap's work with them. Innovatemap has also launched A Better Product Podcast ( to share their knowledge with the industry. Special Guest: Mike Reynolds.
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