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After all my years on the road. Forty-five years of accident free driving. The death penalty is too good for someone who kills a MODOT worker. Also, must cut Biden some slack for his trips to Delaware. I know, I am ashamed as well :). Including my take on Day 3 of Rittenhouse circus.
Skeletons in the closet. Everyone has some. Joe Biden has a "walk in" closet full. Why would you expose these character flaws to the world? This guy could have ridden off into the sunset and spent his golden years on a beach being praised and admired for his career in politics. But instead his ego, I am assuming, convinced him that running for President was the final puzzle piece in his career. Wrong. All it has accomplished is his dirty laundry has been exposed, his corruption confirmed, and his sexual escapades shown to be not only creepy but also illegal. I feel sorry for this doofus at some level but most of the time you get what you deserve.
Whether or not you believe in alien life or other worlds, rest assured if they do exist, they will never contact us. We are collectively the equivalent of cavemen and just a tad intellectually above flinging our own poop at each other. I made a list of the most bizarre and backward events that have occured in the recent past. If after listening to this you still believe we are on the short list for alien contact than I suggest next time you break the Prozac tablets in half.
A request from a listener has brought me to a subject near and dear to my heart. Discipline. NOT beatings, NOT mental cruelty, NOT abuse, but simply a map through life led by an underlying fear of punishment. A slap on the hand, or a swat on the butt, I feel breeds discipline and respect. Call me a caveman all you want. My family (mom and dad) approved of "spare the rod spoil the child." Right or wrong it demanded respect, courtesy, and discipline. 
If I were on the jury I would be pushing for a hung jury. After many of this jury pool have been threatened and doxxed I would think the best avenue for these poor people is to claim the jury is deadlocked and unable to produce a verdict. That way it becomes the prosecutions problem on whether to retry Rittenhouse. A classic case of hot potato. 
Oh, we know about sports. We know about Hollywood. We know about the weather. We know about the world within our 50ft. circle, but we know very little about subjects that have and will shape the world we live in. Ask anyone about Kyle Rittenhouse and see the reaction. A few may know but have an opinion based on whether or not they like the guy. That is not how things work. I do not claim to be an expert but I do claim to be curious.
Cities will burn no matter the result of the Rittenhouse murder trial. BLM is massing its forces in all large cities as we speak. Guilty or not guilty there will be violence and destruction. This is a clear cut case of self defense. Check the video.
Blue Origin launched into "space" on October 13, 2021 carrying Captain Kirk (William Shatner) who is 90 years old becoming the oldest human in "space." While the definition of where space begins is still up for debate the fact remains that in 1961 we accomplished a more impressive feat. Sixty years later we accomplished less? How is that possible? Give me a listen and let's explore this strange world of "space" travel.
The vaccine mandate is dead. Court of Appeals ruled again that the executive order was "overbroad." That should end this unless this brain dead administration decides to argue it before SCOTUS. They will lose and they should know that. But I have other questions. What about the people who were fired already. If there is no mandate then you should be able to return to work or sue your employer.
Republicans and Independents out class Libs in the meme department. It's not just 'lets go Brandon" meme that is taking the country by storm. The latest to mock Joe Biden is a sticker put on gas pumps around the country that points to the price with Joes pic and says "I did that." I love this and it proves Dems have no sense of humor.
ot a doomsday prediction here but just some good advice. From what I am hearing in the trucking and logistics industries a major shortage of goods is on the horizon. I am not advocating panic buying but I would suggest stocking up over the next few weeks. 
Thomas Binger should start looking for another line of work. Because trial lawyer and prosecutor is not in his wheelhouse. This case is sinking like a stone. They are already considering pursuing lesser charges. Ya think? Mainstream media won't touch this with a 20 ft. pole. No way Jose, we will leave this lemon for cable news. What a joke.
Could it be that Joe Biden and crew do not want excerpts from Ashley Biden's diary made public? What could be hidden in a diary that contains the thoughts of a young Ashley? Creepy right? I can think of many things that China Joe wouldn't want made public. Remember, this is a guy who married his babysitter, and whose son is a meth head.
Baseball, basketball, football, and hockey are horrible to watch at a professional level anymore. The games are too long and the players are self serving ass hats who care nothing about team loyalty. It's all about the money and ESPN is responsible for most of the ills. I hate to sound like an old geezer but I will risk that. Give a listen and see if you don't agree.
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